NYC Mayor Wants Migrants Housed in Private Homes

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams unveiled a plan to shelter more migrants being sent to the city from the southern border, but his comments raised eyebrows.

New York City continues to struggle with the influx of immigrants despite billing itself as a sanctuary city welcoming to all.

“This influx of asylum seekers is a serious crisis, one that New York City is facing largely on our own. It’s unfair and it’s not right that New York is going through this,” Adams said, saying the city has spent over $1.2 billion on the crisis so far.

“As we continue to tackle this humanitarian crisis, I’m proud that through this new partnership with New York Disaster Interfaith Services, New York City’s faith community will be able to provide shelter to asylum-seekers in need at houses of worship throughout the five boroughs.”

The partnership with NYDIS, a nonprofit organization providing disaster relief throughout the city, will last two years and facilitate up to 50 houses of worship and other faith-based spaces to provide overnight shelter for up to 19 single adult males at each location, according to the mayor’s press release.

The program will provide beds for about 1,000 immigrant men, which critics have pointed to as a promotion of unsustainable economic immigration as opposed to supporting families who may be legitimately seeking asylum.

Private Home Comments Cause Concern

However, it wasn’t the mayor’s faith-based housing plan that stirred up renewed national attention.

During the announcement, Adams said his “vision” for the “next step” is for immigrants to move from faith-based housing to “a private residence”.

“There are residents who are suffering right now because of economic challenges. They have spare rooms,” Adams said.

He said he would look into circumventing certain rules and policies to apparently allow the government to rent rooms in private homes to host immigrants longer term.


  1. NO
    Only those with larger homes can
    Or have granny flats etc
    All else None
    House Below the city subway system.
    Yes Underground

    • Can’t do that; that’s where NYC homeless live! But I’m SURE Gracie Mansion has a few spare rooms, into which to install some!

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