Eric Adams Gives Insane Explanation for Women Punched in NYC

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New York Mayor Eric Adams appeared to blame the victims while discussing recent reports of women being randomly assaulted in the city.

The Democrat mayor made the comments Tuesday on Good Morning America when he asked asked about the reported assaults.

The attacks came to light after multiple women victims made TikTok videos in the minutes after being punched, describing their attacker. Security footage also captured many of the apparently random punches.

Adams first described the attacker as “despicable”, saying they “better hope that I’m not out on the street when I see that takes place.”

One 40-year-old man was reportedly arrested in Manhattan last week after randomly punching a young woman in the face.

She was so badly injured her jaw had to be wired shut, but the suspect was charged with misdemeanor assault and released.

It is not known if he is being investigated regarding the other attacks, but police suspect there’s more than one person involved.

The TikTok Connection

According to reports by the Washington Post, at least half a dozen women have posted videos claiming they were assaulted, including two who filed police reports.

Adams quickly turned his ire toward the video streaming platform during the interview.

“It’s unbelievable that you see the corrosiveness of TikTok not only for teaching people how to steal cars, how to ride on top of subway stations’ trains. But just this pervasive, negative, anti‑social behavior,” he continued. “And for a woman to walk the street…it’s unacceptable to be punched in that manner.”

However, the videos have all been posted by victims. None of the footage was filmed or posted by the aggressors, most of whom are reportedly black men attacking white women.

Adams did not make reference to the race of anyone involved in the incidents thus far, but continued to attribute the attacks to TikTok.

“We see this trending when someone sees something on TikTok, Instagram or one of these social media platforms, they duplicate this behavior and there’s a real correlation between the negative actions and what people are seeing trending on social media.”


  1. “Mostly black men attacking white women”. Of course Adam’s will blame the victims. Black violent crime in America, much of it aimed at other races, is out of control and everyone is afraid to call it out or address it.

    • Russ – unfortunately it does get ‘called out’ BUT since it is mostly by right leaning folks/organizations it ALWAYS gets labelled as ‘racism’ – your last two words nails it – a misdemeanor charge (cite and release?) for an obvious felony?

    • Adams was probably out doing the same thing when he was younger, so he thinks it’s ok, obviously. And if I was Adams, I would want to steer tourism AWAY so people don’t see the criminal activity and homeless people living on their streets, with their own eyes!!

  2. Adams and his justice henchmen should have stopped this a long time ago. It obviously reflects badly on the city and on him as the mayor. Why businesses and individuals remain in New York City is beyond most Americans. Adams has enabled these criminal activities by ignoring the problems. I will never go to NYC again during my lifetime, and I suspect most Americans will never go there again.

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