Trump Takes Next Step Toward Sentencing

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Former President Donald Trump will sit for an interview today that is meant to influence his sentencing in July.

The so-called probation interview, a standard step in the sentencing process for those convicted in New York state court, will take place Monday according to NBC News.

Trump will give the interview virtually from Mar-a-Lago in Florida and be accompanied by his attorney, Todd Blanche.

Judge Juan Merchan declared his intent to order the report just moments after the verdict was announced.

“We will order a probation report,” Merchan said at the time. “Mr. Blanche, the clerk of the court will give you instructions on how to go about scheduling that interview and getting that probation report.”

During the interview, a New York probation officer will document Trump’s lack of criminal history, his employment history, current economic status, and observations about his “physical and mental condition”.

The details of the report will be used to determine how the judge decides to sentence Trump, which is currently set for July 11th.

Duncan Levin, a former Manhattan prosecutor turned defense attorney, said the prosecution is likely to ask for jail time. Trump’s team will submit their own sentencing recommendation on June 13th.

It would be highly unusual for a first-time offender convicted on Trump’s charges to face jail time, though he could face up to four years. A more usual outcome would be probation.

His team has also vowed to continue their appeal. Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung issued a statement in response to the probation interview being scheduled.

“President Trump and his legal team are already taking necessary steps to challenge and defeat the lawless Manhattan DA case. The American People will not fall for the Biden-directed Hoaxes and will hold Crooked Joe and his comrades to account this fall,” Cheung said.


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