Mexico Teams Up With Joe Versus Texas

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Mexico’s government issued a statement signaling its intent to join legal action taken by President Joe Biden against a Texas immigration law.

The law, SB4, allows state law enforcement in Texas to arrest those suspected of crossing the southern border illegally.

The Biden administration has challenged the law as unconstitutional, but on Tuesday afternoon the Supreme Court allowed the law to take effect pending an appeal.

Previously, courts have ruled that immigration is a matter of the federal government, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the state has no choice but to enforce immigration laws on its own due to the failures of Biden’s administration.

Border crossings have surged to record levels under Biden after dropping to lows during the previous Trump administration.

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While the Supreme Court did not rule on the constitutionality of the law itself, it allowed the law to take effect while the New Orleans-based US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit prepares to hear oral arguments in the case on Wednesday.

Mexico Refuses to Repatriate

Mexico’s government asserted that immigration and the negotiations it has with the US are limited to the scope of the US federal government and stated it would refuse to cooperate with Texas.

“Mexico will not accept, under any circumstances, repatriations by the State of Texas,” the government said.

Mexican officials have previously called the law “anti-immigrant” and said the country “categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to exercise immigration control, and to arrest and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory.”

The country’s foreign ministry said it would join Biden’s legal effort to block the law.

In the meantime, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said enforcement of the law would start “tomorrow” in a Tuesday evening interview with Fox News.

“We’re going to start arresting illegals and sending them back to Mexico or putting them in jail.”


  1. Of course Mexico does not want these illegals; they gladly ship them to us rather than refusing them entry to Mexico.

    • Very simple solution “close the entire southern border to all Mexican traffic”. According to International Law migrants are required to seek asylum in the first foreign country they set foot in after leaving their home country. That means Mexico, as a PASS THRU country is breaking International Law millions of times per year. Time for some drastic action “set up a mine field 50 yards inside our border with warning signs in the languages of all know invaders.

  2. Immigration is a federal matter. If the feds will enforce their own law. Which they’ve refused to do. Which makes it a matter of federal impeachment.

  3. How can a third rate foreign country that cannot even control it’s own self join in a lawsuit against a state in the United States? Sounds like someone is poking their ignorant nose into our business and a pervert is letting them.

    • They can’t. They have “no standing” in a U.S. court and they know it. They are doing it to create a lot of noise. The U.S. can kill Mexico’s economy just by forcing Western Union to stop wiring money across the border.

  4. Round up our homeless and boat them over to Mexico and refuse to take them back. A great solution to the problems the border is causing. Get consent by paying them for a vacation to Mexico, only forget to tell them its one way.

  5. What gives Mexico the right to sue in the U.S.? And since when can the country sending the most illegals to our country have the right to dictate to us how to handle their unwanted trash?

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