Arizona Puts Texas Copycat Law on the Ballot

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Arizonians will vote on a ballot measure in November that is almost a clone of a controversial law passed by Texas earlier this year.

The measure was written to supersede a previous veto by Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs on a similar bill in March.

It would allow the state’s law enforcement officers to arrest people who cross the southern border illegally. It would also allow state judges to order deportations.

“I’m an immigrant. This is not anti-immigrant. This is anti-lawlessness,” House Speaker Ben Toma (R) said.

“It’s about securing our border because the federal government has failed to do their job. The people of Arizona will get the final say in this issue. And I’m proud to send it to them.”

A first-time conviction under the proposal would be punished by up to six months in jail.

In her original veto, Hobbs said the bill would create a legal and financial burden for the state.

“This bill does not secure our border, will be harmful for communities and businesses in our state, and burdensome for law enforcement personnel and the state judicial system,” she wrote in her veto statement.

While federal law has traditionally governed the border, Republicans in Arizona and Texas say they need more state powers due to the Biden administration’s lax policies.

After widespread criticism on immigration, consistently one of voters’ top issues, President Biden attempted to resolve the issue with an executive action that was blasted by both parties.

The action orders border patrol to turn away all non-citizens who cross the border between ports of entry when the seven-day average exceeds 2,500.

The seven-say average has been well above 2,500 so the order went into effect immediately.

Republicans criticized the order as a political ploy in response to Biden’s poor polling on the issue. Democrats criticized it as Trumpian, in reference to former President Trump’s border policies.

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