New York Has a Beef with Beef

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New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) filed a lawsuit against a major beef producer on behalf of the climate.

James’ office filed the lawsuit Wednesday afternoon against JBS USA, the US division of a Brazilian meatpacking company that is the world’s largest producer of beef products.

She accused the company of misleading the public about its commitment to its climate goals.

Her office said in a press release, “JBS USA has claimed that it will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, despite documented plans to increase production, and therefore increase its carbon footprint.”

She went on to say that animal agriculture, of which beef production makes up the largest part, accounts for nearly 15 percent of global greenhouse gases.

According to the EPA, agriculture greenhouse gas emissions as a whole tends to make up the smallest percentage of all tracked sectors. It is dwarfed by general industry at 23 percent and transportation at 28 percent, for example.

via the EPA

Still, James’ statement goes on to say, “When companies falsely advertise their commitment to sustainability, they are misleading consumers and endangering our planet,”

“JBS USA’s greenwashing exploits the pocketbooks of everyday Americans and the promise of a healthy planet for future generations. My office will always ensure that companies do not abuse the environment and the trust of hardworking consumers for profit.”

James lawsuit is confusing as it focuses on JBS USA’s pledge to become net zero in 2040, a date which has not yet arrived.

In its own statement, the company said, “We disagree with the action taken today by the New York Attorney General’s office. JBS will continue to partner with farmers, ranchers and our food system partners around the world to help feed a growing population while using fewer resources and reducing agriculture’s environmental impact.”

“Our belief that American agriculture can help sustainably feed the world is undeterred.”

James is asking the court to order JBS USA to discontinue its “Net Zero by 2040” marketing campaign.


  1. It has started. Latitty james has filed another questionable lawsuit against a major ny business. Claiming that they lied about their commitment to climate control when that has nothing to do with their product, beef. This is before President has even completed his appeals of a fraudulent trial before a bought and paid for judge by a bought and paid for ag about something that is not against the law and no one lost a single red cent. Well, we will see what happens on down the line.

  2. Attacking food producers is very left like. I wonder if there are some urbanites that realize NO food of any kind is produced in cities?

  3. Back to the headline ” NYC has a beef with beef “,…. Simple solution Add NYC to the list of Places Truckers will NOT deliver that product ! after a few weeks Of Restaurateurs Having to go get beef from AMERICAN cities, out of town,…. that shit will cease and Desist,…. In Reality if you Do Not Like Beef, Do not eat it,…. Do NOT DRIVE PRICES UP ON THE REST OF US

  4. Hey New Yorkers…….Keep electing Democrats and continue to watch your state go down the drain. Keep watching your services go broke while funneling $$$$$ to the illegals. How’s that sanctuary city working out ? ROTFL.

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