Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Waves Chinese Flag In NYC

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Democrat Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, made two shockingly pro-China gestures this weekend.

At New York City’s Chinese Lunar New Year Parade, Schumer was caught on camera waving the Chinese flag, following the rendition of China’s national anthem by event organizers.

New York’s political leadership, including Governor Kathy Hochul, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and other state and city legislators, were also present for the parade’s opening ceremony.

According to National Review, Schumer stood by “Huang Ping, a hard-line Chinese ambassador who publicly denies Beijing’s human-rights abuses, and Wu Xiaoming, a senior consular official linked to China’s secret police station in New York,” while on stage.

Huang has been linked to the Chinese consulate-general in New York, whose members take part in the annual parade, which has been repeatedly accused of plots to silence critics of the Chinese Communist Party in America by federal law enforcement.

During the anthem, Schumer, placed his hand over his heart, as if he was listening to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which had played prior to China’s “March of the Volunteers.”

The Senate Majority Leader seemed to notice his faux-passe and quickly removed his hand.

Hochul, who had previously participated by waving the Chinese flag at last year’s event, was offered both an American and a Chinese flag by a bystander, but reportedly refused them.

Schumer grabbed them in her place and was seen enthusiastically waving both the Chinese and American flags in tandem after the music stopped.

The statements by Schumer, Hochul, and other notables at the parade generally reflected commendation towards the Chinese-American community of New York, coupled with advocacy against anti-Asian racism.

Schumer noted that he wants more Chinese immigrants to come to the United States.

“I am proud to say that I am a fighter to get comprehensive immigration reform to allow many more Chinese to come to America,” he remarked.


  1. Reminiscent of the early days of England and Germany pre WW2 ??? How does this not border on Treason, or a best lunacy?

  2. The dems will never give up until they have caused the downfall of our Republic. They are traitors and should be treated as such. Lets make America Great Again by electing Donald Trump. Lets be diligent in watching for voter fraud and calling out whenever it is seen. The dems will stop at nothing to keep control of our lives and our country.

  3. I believe you, and can’t stand Schummer, but where is a picture of Chuck with the Chinese flag? Nobody got a picture of that??

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