Thousands Protest MLB Pride Night in LA

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Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
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The Los Angeles Dodgers saw thousands of religious protesters turn out against their decision to honor the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence drag troupe at Friday’s Pride Night.

An astounding number of protesters staged themselves outside of the main entrance to Dodger Stadium with signs that read “stop anti-Catholic hate” and “God will not be mocked”.

They were standing against the team for inviting the controversial drag troupe known as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who dress as drag version of Catholic nuns.

After being invited, disinvited, and reinvited, the troupe was honored in a brief pre-game ceremony for their effort to promote diversity and “spiritual enlightenment”.

“This is prayer, not a protest. We are basically praying for the so called nuns,” said protester Jesse Bustamante. “We should be tolerate of everyone. Likewise, they should be tolerant of our faith in our feelings.”

“There are nuns who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, and now you’ve got this group of people who are mocking nuns, dressing up as nuns,” said a fellow protester named Luella Wagner.

One member of the troupe going by Sister Electra-Complex compared the troupe’s activities to the service of actual nuns.

“The idea of being a fake nun is also a little problematic, mostly because we do take vows of service to the LGBTQ community for nonprofit work and it is the kind of vow that you take for the rest of your life, so it is very similar to the kind of care work a nun would do,” he said.

Catholic groups bristled at the group’s inclusion.

“Religious freedom and respect for the beliefs of others are hallmarks of our nation. When God is insulted, when the beliefs of any of our neighbors are ridiculed, it diminishes all of us,” Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez said.

Some fans also found the group’s presence to be less than savory.
“The Dodgers are not honoring their own policy. They have a dress code. I can’t go in there dressed in ways that would offend other people. This is offending people,” said Michael Galarza.


    • I believe you are correct Warrior. I say let’s boycott Dodger games when they come to our town. JUST DON’T SHOW UP at games that are played against the Dodgers. Let’s start a nationwide boycott of this kind of behavior.

    • Not “may be” are; all the “must be fulfilled” prophecies, as well as many whose timing was “optional”, as to before, during or after the end times, have been fulfilled now, unlike other times when many, unfamiliar with the whole of scripture on the subject, believed they had entered the “end times”; today we stand teetering on the precipice of what Christians all “the Great Tribulation”, and Jews call “te Time of Jacob’s Trouble”, a specific, time limited period of 7 yrs during which a “son” of Satan, known as the Man of Perdition or Anti- Christ will rule over all the people’s of the Earth, and half of which will seem like literal “hell on Earth”, for all it will not even be lose to the real deal. The start of the “countdown” will be the disappearance without explanation of millions of people all around the world, all at the same instant…

      • Your analysis fails on one CRUCIAL point. The apostles believed they were living in the end times. They know the signs AT LEAST as well as you do. Therefore, any claim those that previously believed they were living in the end times were “unfamiliar with the whole of the scriptures” is nothing more than IRREFUTABLE PROOF that YOU are guilty of that charge.

  1. This sick queer BS is totally out of control. Just remember the Obama’s pushed all of this woke and queer crap. Since the Obama’s this country has steadily gone down hill, as Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation Of America” continues.

    • This started in the ’50s and ’60s at least, before those Obama’s were even born. People were going to Sweden for the reassignment surgery they were prohibited from receiving in the US still in the ’50s, and in the mid and late ’60s the homosexual crowd clamored to be let out of the closet, “just to live their lives in peace”, so they claimed… Homosexuality came off the DSM’s learned behavioral disorders list officially in the early ’70s. It did not “just happen” a decade or so ago! And no sooner was homosexuality out of that closet, than NAMBLA began jockeying for acceptance of pedophilia, back in the mid ’70s! But the downhill slide only happened as the Bible and Yhwh God were increasingly edged out of our schools and gov’t , against John Adams’ warning that our Constitution could only serve to govern a Godly people. One need only look at the state of our nation to see the proof of that statement! But then, Satan hates our Constitution almost as much as he does the Bible, and his “children” follow his lead, plainly… And doing so is leading them toward the same end as it did Sodom and Gomorrah.

  2. There was a time when even “da Brooklyn Bums” and their fans would not have tolerated such an obscene performance at Ebbetts Field. It’s sad to see just how far into the abyss they have dived!

  3. Since when do such freaks represent the gay population? All the gays I know are not like this at all. I think in a few years, we’ll be looking at this pandering to the freaks as a form of blackface. Insensitive, insulting to the max, and not representative.

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