Melania Makes Her Campaign Trail Debut

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Former First Lady Melania Trump is stepping into the spotlight as she prepares to hold her first major political event of the year.

During the primary process, before her husband former President Donald Trump became the de facto nominee, Melania largely stayed out of the political sphere.

Last month, as she and her husband cast their votes in the Florida presidential primary, she was asked by a reporter when she would return to the campaign trail.

“Stay tuned,” she said at the time.

Now she’s launching her return and will hold a fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans on April 20th at Mar-a-Lago, where she and Donald currently reside. The event was revealed by Politico, which has reportedly viewed an invitation.

The group will launch its “Road to Victory” program during the event, which aims to target swing state voters.

Republican donors in attendance will include Saul Fox, Amanda Schumacher, and Richard Grenell, who became the first openly gay US cabinet official when Trump appointed him as Acting Director of National Intelligence in 2020.

Elizabeth Ailes, the widow of late Fox News chief executive officer Roger Ailes, as well as Deborah Magowan, the widow of late San Francisco Giants owner Peter Magowan, will also attend the event.

The Log Cabin Republicans describes itself as “the nation’s largest Republican organization dedicated to representing LGBT conservatives and allies.”

Melania has remained close with the group, and the group consistently hosts events at the Palm Beach club. In 2021, she was the organization’s featured guest at a Mar-a-Lago dinner where they presented her an award.

Trump himself spoke at an event the group held in 2022. “We are fighting for the gay community,” he said at the time. Although his administration was criticized for dividing the gay and transgender communities, Trump has been praised for embracing LGB Republicans.


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  1. Having lost my own mother after a long illness, I fully understand Melania choosing to care for her mother while Trump campaigned. I am glad to see she has overcome the terrible grief of losing her mother and will be joining the campaign.

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