MLB Continues to Honor the National Moment of Remembrance

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Marine Recognized at MLB Game on Memorial Day

First observed in 1997, the National Moment of Remembrance on Memorial Day is not widely kept, but Major League Baseball has done so for the past 26 years.

The National Moment of Remembrance was officially established by Congress in 2000.

“A National Moment of Remembrance and other commemorative events are needed to reclaim Memorial Day as the sacred and noble event that that day is intended to be,” Congress wrote at the time.

It is meant to inspire all Americas “where they happen to be” to voluntarily pause and observe a moment of silence at 3pm local time to remember the meaning behind Memorial Day.

While the moment is followed by fewer each year, some venues continue to uphold the tradition.

Major League Baseball first started observing the Moment of Remembrance at the very beginning, in 1997.

In modern times, the MLB continues to observe the moment by halting games at 3pm local time as well as a instituting a brief pause before the national anthem for games played before or after 3pm local time.

Additionally, in an homage to the memory of the fallen, on-field MLB personnel wear traditional red poppies on the left side of their jerseys.

The MLB has historically shown overwhelming support for troops and veterans, regularly partnering with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors and the Folds of Honor foundation.

Most Companies Ignore the Moment

NASCAR also traditionally observes to National Moment of Remembrance during its major Memorial Day weekend events, though not always on the actual day.

This year, it will do so on Sunday, after Stage 2 of the Coke 600 according to a spokesperson.

Amtrak has also observed the moment in the past. Engineers sometimes blare the trains’ horns at 3pm local time, though a representative said there are no company-wide plans to do so this year.

Other than these few companies, the moment is rarely observed outside of cemeteries and hospitals catering to military veterans.

It is endearing to see one of America’s favorite pastimes upholding the tradition once more.


  1. This is an UNTRUE Article. Many Many organization and individuals honor Memorial Day. Our Church had a beautiful service of memory and recognition !!! Give us a break and stop the negatives!!!

    • I believe the author is referring to that specific remembrance method, not the general act of remembering.

  2. Then why does the MLB not stand for our national anthem and offend it’s fan base who are of the Christians/Catholic religions ???

  3. NASCAR always honors the fallen for Memorial Day. Since the Cup race is normally on Sunday, it kind of makes it impossible to race on THE day and since the government changed most holidays to a Monday, pretty much nobody celebrates it on THE day. The Cup race was delayed until today (Monday) because of rain, so guess what? They’ll be racing on THE DAY!

    Adjust your narrative. I stopped watching baseball (and football) years ago when all the kneeling crap started.

  4. Our ” one nation under God ” has not been true for decades now, and the screwed up state of affairs of this country proves it. It makes me glad I’m so old that I probably won’t be around to see the total downfall of the United States of America.

    • I share your sentiments, and years. The Rapture can’t come a moment too soon. All these foolish human resolved apocalyptic flix, showing heavily again, are such a farce! They only demonstrate humanity’ folly and arrogance! What’s actually coming is not just to the US, or the western hemisphere; it’s global, and so much more catastrophic than the Mayans, Hollywood or any human group has imagined. The warnings have been given , for 2 + millennia, in great detail, even the “early warning signs ” to tell us when to expect it, just not the specific day or hour. There will be no excuses when it does strike, for not knowing it was coming, or being prepared., But not in the sense of the “preppers”; rather, how we should be prepared is also clearly outlined in the Bible, mostly in Jesus’ own direct teachings. Look to His parables in the Gospels, and the meaning, and process, of redemption!

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