Study Claims Air Force Rules ‘Hinder Diversity’

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Air Force and Space Force cadets

A recent study of Air Force eligibility requirements claims its high standards are a hinderance to diversity, but there’s more to the story.

The study was issued in late August by the Rand Corp. think tank, a research organization that describes itself as a “nonpartisan organization” that “develops solutions to public policy challenges”.

Researchers note the “Department of the Air Force (DAF) has prioritized growing and maintaining a diverse workforce across all pay grades” but its notoriously rigorous standards exclude much of the population.

“A large segment of the U.S. population is not eligible to enlist as an airman or be commissioned as an officer, and the impact of eligibility criteria is not uniform across gender and race and ethnicity,” the report states.

“Because most military personnel begin their careers at the entry-level pay grade and positions are filled by promoting from within, achieving diversity at the point of accession is critical to growing and maintaining a diverse workforce across all pay grades.”

The Air Force maintains high standards for body mass index, height, education level, and aptitude requirements for its higher ranking officers, as well as screening for health, citizenship, criminal records, and visible tattoos.

Even enlistees are subject to scrutiny. The Air Force requires enlistees to have at least a high school diploma or GED, have no more than two dependents and not be a single parent, and have no felony convictions.

Percentages Tell a Consistent Tale

The researchers compared the population of 17-39 year olds in the United States to the percentage that are eligible to join the Air Force.

They found that while black males make up 7% of that population, 3.6% are eligible to join.

The roughly 50% eligibility rate holds true for most demographics. For example, Hispanic males make up 12% of the age range, with 7% meeting the standards.

Women do slightly better, with black women making up 7% of the age range and 5% eligible; Hispanic women account for about 10% of the group with 8% eligible.

For an organization with such high standards, the eligibility across demographics is impressive.

Still, the Air Force has slightly lowered some enlistment standards, including allowing airmen with higher body fat percentages and those with visible tattoos.


    • Too late! They already have done, both. It’s too hard for them to grasp the notion of raising the population to meet the standards is the answer,not lowering the standards, thus quality of our military.


    There’s your real headline, and anyone with a
    brain knows it! And to think, we wasted big
    bucks for this “study!”
    Here’s my take…
    Our nation is OCCUPIED! We no longer have
    Americans at the helm. They are something
    else, and they do not have our interests in mind.
    In fact, I believe the installed Biden Cabal’s mission is to WEAKEN AMERICA, not to strengthen her. No
    leader would dream of wide open borders, yet
    here we are. Are enemy forces infiltrating our
    society? Unless our enemies are dimwits, they are!
    And, it’s easy to go on…and on. Every action of
    this phony administration has been detrimental
    to our security and well-being! Every one. Can
    you think of anything the Sock Puppet has done
    to improve your life, or make this nation more
    So, IMHO, the whole diversity/gays in the military,
    trans generals is a tactic, preparing us for…what?
    It can’t be good.
    Let’s hope, since Congress has no b_lls, that the
    big plan, the earnest attack by the infiltrators
    is scheduled for after the 2024 election. But,
    I fear it is not. This bunch is aghast at the term
    “AMERICA First!” They cringe at “Make America
    Great Again!”
    We are not following an AMERICA-centric group
    at all. Who are they? I’ve told you my thoughts.

    • BRAVO! You’re 1 of the truly awake few who can see what’s happening clearly. The real PTB are foreign nationals, mostly headquartered in Europe, and most of whose names we ill never know, most likely. But they are under the direction and leadership of Satan himself, and they control all the world’s gov’t’s already, tightening that control more each day.

    • Right now we have the American communist party in charge of the white house, even though it’s a fake administration, it’s doing sever damage. As we all know, this is really Obama’s 3rd term, and his “Fundamental Transformation of America” is still going strong, and they use the name “Woke”, that big Mike Obama always pushed. The Obama’s were the worst thing to ever happen to this country.

  2. By getting dinged for not hiring according to Affirmative Action standards, I can be assured the Air Force is hiring according to ability and competence. This is an excellent and proper method of hiring, especially for our military who is responsible for keeping America safe!! All branches of our military should be left alone by the progressive woke and not pressured or even rated on their hiring practices. Butt out and take your progressive nonsense elsewhere, preferably to use strictly on dimocrats, who love it.

  3. Maybe the AF could fulfill it’s recruiting quota by opening a station on the southern border and trying to talk the incoming females into joining up in return for instant citizenship…

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