DOJ Has ‘Insider Witness’ In Mar-a-Lago Probe

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According to a new report, the Justice Department has found an “insider witness” as it investigates classified documents found in former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Citing people familiar with the investigation, the New York Times reported that the unidentified person is cooperating under the condition of anonymity with the probe and is a former employee of Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Exactly what sort of testimony the witness is providing is not yet clear, but they have reportedly given investigators a picture of the storage room where some of the documents were being kept.

The Times reported that “nearly everyone” who works at Mar-a-Lago has been subpoenaed.

Reportedly, the special counsel has taken interest in security camera footage from Mar-a-Lago as well. Prosecutors have asked who watches over it and who has access to it.

Special Counsel Ramps Up

The investigation is led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. With the revelation of a new witness, it also appears to be escalating.

Smith is looking into whether Trump mishandled the classified documents and whether he personally ordered them to be removed from the storage room after being subpoenaed for their return.

The Presidential Records Act requires exiting presidents to return certain records after the end of their presidency.

After the Department of Justice issued a subpoena to Trump for documents it believed he inappropriately retained, FBI agents executed an initial search warrant at Mar-a-Lago where they discovered classified material last summer.

Trump’s team has portrayed his retention of the documents, which he says are mostly notes from calls with foreign leaders, as inadvertent.

In all, about 100 documents with various levels of classified markings were found among 15 boxes.

“It’s been the same mischaracterization that the media has run with to suggest that President Trump is just sitting on a mountain of documents. It’s not true at all,” lawyer James Trusty said.


  1. Why was it OK for Hillary to destroy 33,000 e-mails that were evidence. An intentional criminal act and obstruction of Justice but it is a major violation for Trump to inadvertently have papers mixed in with his Presidential papers? Almost sounds like a double standard based on your political affiliation.

  2. Yet another Left wing, anti American attempt to destroy Trump. Boy oh boy, he sure scares the crap out of the DC Swamp &, as such, he will always have my vote come November, 2024!

  3. Yep, Folks, the doj two-steps in poop program is in place. The twinks and tards can titter and twitter all day long about how some moron with a grudge claims that he saw something that may be discriminatory (or not) but three, two, one, “We got our bug-a-boo, phantom alter-ego dead to rights at long last… …oopsie, he wasn’t? He didn’t? Our guy did WHAT?
    Yeah, better luck next time, tards. Now crawl in a hole and die again filth!

  4. Why is not the DOJ investigating Biden’s hidden documents found all over the place? Especially a place in his own garage where Hunter was living, who had access to them and might/could have SOLD one or more of them to God knows who for God knows how much $$$$ ???? The FBI and DOJ are lying, worthless worms.

    • Because HE is not the enemy of the globalist agenda. Trump, in their view, like patriotic, Constitution supporting Americans, are, so he and we must be attacked.

  5. And the witch hunt continues! This is not America at its greatest! This is politicalized justice system designed to destroy a candidate for President! Where are the law suits , indictment and arrest of Biden and cohorts who have been betraying the USA for years? The entire Biden administration should be under indictment for putting their special interests first rather than their country!

  6. “… is a former employee of Trump at Mar-a-Lago.” If it’s a former employee, expect to hear some outlandish testimony like Trump bringing the documents out at a dinner party and telling everyone what’s in them. This “former employee” falls into the same category as the whistleblower for the Ukraine call impeachment. Total BS in the first degree.

    • Ah yes, mr vindeman and his hearsay, third hand…! That’s not legal evidence in any court of LAW, but, of course, that was no court of LAW, and neither is this!

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