Republican Rep. Bucks Party on Abortion

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Representative Nancy Mace
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Republican Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina lambasted her fellow party members for their stance on abortion.

Speaking to ABC’s “This Week”, Mace said, “As Republicans, we need to read the room on this issue because the vast majority of folks are not in the extremes.”

“We’re going to lose huge if we continue down this path of extremities.”

Mace is considered a moderate Republican who has taken issue with the party’s abortion policies since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year by the Supreme Court.

Over the weekend, she called out various state-level restrictions, including a dig at presumptive presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who she described as signing a six-week abortion ban “in the dead of night.”

She also blasted a bill in her home state of South Carolina that would have allowed the death penalty against women who obtain abortions, saying it gives “more rights to rapists than the women who have been raped.”

“That is the wrong message heading into ’24,” Mace said.

“And finding that middle ground, the vast majority of people want some sort of gestational limits, not at nine months, but somewhere in the middle. They want exceptions for rape and incest. They want women to have access to birth control.”

Mace lauded the Supreme Court’s decision to allow mifepristone, also referred to as “the abortion pill”, to remain available while its FDA approval is appealed in federal court.

Other Republicans have publicly questioned the pill’s status, which was approved in 2000.

“Sending the abortion drug through the mail is a big change in how it is provided. In 2000, when it was first approved, you had to have four visits to the doctor. In 2021, The Biden administration said you don’t have to even consult a physician anymore and send it through the mail,” Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”


  1. Nancy Mace needs to ‘read the room”. She appears to be more concerned about winning elections than preserving innocent life…and that is in the extremes!

  2. Nancy Mace is doing what her constituents are asking for. Has nothing to do with reading the room. She is doing and working with the people in her district not letting the Republican Party tell her how she should represent her constituents.. Who are .you to tell a woman what she can do with her body. I have never voted democrat and never will but if the Republicans don’t allow women to have control of their bodies I will sit home and never vote again. Once again, who are you to tell a woman what she can do with her body-you are not God so quit judging people. I believe there should be a restriction on when an abortion takes place but there needs to be time for the woman to make a decision.

    • Absolutely no one is telling a woman what she can do with her body, but once she makes a decision that creates life it is no longer about her body…it is about that life. The issue is not about Democrat or Republican…it is about life. You believe there should restrictions on abortion, but who determines when and what those restrictions are? That is what state legislators are dealing with now…and, of course, someone is always going to be unhappy with whatever they determine.

    • Amen.
      Abortion is a terrible substitute for birth control, but there are other possible reasons. And even if there are not, the point is that the majority of voters will vote against Right to Life candidates, no matter how excellent our expertise is at saving our nation. They care first about what affects them directly.

  3. This is NOT “abortion” a natural , built-in process to expel an already deceased and decaying infant, to protect the mother from infection and death! This is feticide or infanticide, the willful, intentional and generally quite brutal 1 st degree murder of a living baby in utero, and conspiracy with others to accomplish the deed!

  4. Republicans have many goals that we share with the majority of Americans. But if we insist on ALL of our preferences, we cannot win. The Democrats did “read the room” last November. They pounded the airwaves on our two vulnerabilities – abortion and Social Security, deeply personal issues.

    If we don’t accept early abortion AND swear to save Social Security, we may as well concede right now.

    Our NH law allows abortion up to 24 weeks with exceptions for rape and incest and OF COURSE, the life of the mother. Saving the mother’s life has ALWAYS been the law across this nation.

    You can demand to put all your core beliefs in the party platform, but if they are not shared by the voters, you lose. Our precious nation cannot survive 4 more years of this liberal dictatorship that has destroyed our military readiness and a host of Constitutional rights. We have to get voted in to save our nation. We have to run on the core beliefs that we share with the majority of voters.

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