Second Gentleman Wants Abortion to Be a Men’s Issue

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The husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, Doug Emhoff, said he envisions a role for men in the ongoing battle over abortion access.

In an interview with NBC News, Emhoff said, “This is an issue of fairness to women. Women are dying.”

“It’s affecting man’s ability to plan their lives. And it’s also an issue of what’s next, what other freedoms are at risk. And these freedoms are affecting all Americans, not just women.”

Emhoff partnered with a group called Men4Choice to hold a discussion panel event in Atlanta that included speakers from a local abortion clinic and youth activists from across Georgia.

“Male allyship is of critical importance in the fight for reproductive freedom and we hope tomorrow’s event will inspire our young men to step off the sidelines and become active partners in this movement,” the group’s post on X about the event said.

Emhoff has been a part of similar events in Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. He also said he was regularly discussing the issue in his personal life.

“I’m talking about this with my other dad friends,” he said. “I’m talking about it with my son. And it’s not just because I also have a daughter. I have a son and we talk about it, about how this is going to impact him and how he’s going to start a family or not.”

He also accused the Supreme Court of “coming after” other freedoms.

“What are we coming after next?” he said. “So, is it contraception? Is it right to marry who you want to marry, love who you want to love? Read what you want to read?”

He finished by addressing male Republican legislators at the state level.

“Stop it. Listen to the people in this country. See what’s going on. Listen to doctors, listen to nurses, listen to men and women who are suffering because of those actions. Just listen and do the right thing.”

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  1. True story…many years ago my girlfriend at that time claimed to have had a miscarriage when in fact she was talked into having an abortion by a guy who had “interest” in her. She eventually married the guy only to find out he was a total bum. Fast forward 34 years, after a second failed marriage, not being able to have children and alcohol abuse, she committed suicide. I met a wonderful woman 10 years after my parting with my previous girlfriend and we’ve been married over 30 years with two decent kids. I had no say in that poor woman’s choice of aborting our child. Perhaps that’s why I think it’s heinous to NOT consider the father in such a decision.

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