FDA Reverses Course on COVID Vaccination Doses

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The Food and Drug Administration announced it is simplifying its recommended COVID-19 vaccination schedule, saying there is no need for multiple vaccinations and boosters.

The FDA will now recommend a single dose of the bivalent vaccine specific to two strains of the omicron variant.

Its decision reflects a shift away from the two-dose schedule that is currently the standard across the country. During the peak of the pandemic, federal agencies recommended (and in some cases, mandated) a two-dose vaccination followed by multiple boosters.

“At this stage of the pandemic, data support simplifying the use of the authorized mRNA bivalent COVID-19 vaccines and the agency believes that this approach will help encourage future vaccination,” Peter Marks said in a statement.

Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, said most of the US population now has antibodies against the virus from either prior infection or previous vaccinations.

The FDA will continue to recommend two doses for some groups, such as people over the age of 65 and immunocompromised people, but it advises those doses are given two to four months apart.

During the height of the pandemic, doses were given just three weeks apart with boosters for new strains within months.

Serious Issues Swept Under the Rug

Heart problems, in some case fatal, became a notable side effect of the frequent vaccination schedule during the pandemic.

The CDC reports they occurred most frequently in adolescent and young adult males, but were also documented in individuals of both genders who were otherwise perfectly healthy and, in some cases, athletes in peak physical condition.

“Evidence from multiple monitoring systems in the United States and around the globe support a causal association between mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (i.e., Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech) and myocarditis and pericarditis,” the CDC says.

“Cases of myocarditis and pericarditis have occurred most frequently in adolescent and young adult males within 7 days after receiving the second dose of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine; however, cases have also been observed after dose 1 and booster doses.”


  1. The FDA and CDC can’t even get their lies straight. I read one story where these agencies said more people dies from myocarditis and pericarditis from contracting covid. Now, in this story, they’re admitting that young adults, right after getting a vaccine or booster shot, are suffering from myocarditis and pericarditis. They don’t know and can’t admit that the vax and boosters look like they’re killing more people than covid.

  2. This whole thing appears to be a sham to put money into Fauchi’s, Biden’s and the pharmaceuticals’ pockets at the expense of loved ones lives. They call it a vaccine which it is not. Vaccines PREVENT diseases. The covid shot and all its boosters do not prevent you from getting the disease.

    • My thoughts exactly ! Fauchi has made millions off of the Pfizer vaccine. The more shots they sold the more he made., paid for by the U.S. government ( Just a scam to steal money !!! ) He’s a disgusting excuse of a man !!!

  3. Fraud ‘virus’, fraud agencies (FDA, CDC, WHO, NIH), Fraudulent people (Fauci, Birx, Biden). Trust is GONE. Nothing coming from these people has merit. The ‘vaccine’ is pure poison.

  4. EPA is nothing but part of the democrat party who wants you dead. They are payoff by Bill Gates and other rich elites. EPA is useless to the American people. They are putting the vaccines in our cattle and other animals. They are poisoning our water and food. Spraying our sky with poison. Go overseas and see how those countries ban food from America. EPA makes sure their isn’t poison. McDonald fries have three things in them overseas potatoes, oil and salt but in America our fries have 16 poison in them. Top food companies don’t care! How much money is paid to fast food companies to use unsafe food and meat ? Most presidents in America didn’t care. Obama and Biden don’t care. President Trump tried to shut down all these government departments but the democrats called him a traitor because he wanted poison out of our food. The media outlets lied and called him unamerican and you the American people believe those lies. Biden is destroying everything and still you do nothing. You deserve to have nothing because you won’t work or care about it. Lazy dumb people. Yes I said lazy dumb down brain dead fools. Your useless to America!

  5. This only means one or both of two things…
    1- They’ve made the bioweapon more effective at killing people.
    2- They’ve achieved “operational” levels of population contamination!!

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