CDC Publishes Narrow Study to Disprove Vaccine Side Effects

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report on Thursday that it says debunks “misinformation” about the COVID vaccine.

Despite mRNA vaccines being linked to an increased risk for myocarditis, the report concludes there is “no evidence that mRNA Covid vaccines cause fatal cardiac arrest or other deadly heart problems in teens and young adults.”

The study was co-authored by Dr. Paul Cieslak, the medical director of communicable diseases and immunizations at Oregon Health Authority’s public health division.

It was carried out by analyzing only the death certificates of Oregon residents ages 16 to 30 who died from any heart condition or unknown reasons between June 1, 2021, and Dec. 31, 2022.

That was a total of 40 people, according to the published report.

The study was further narrowed down by attempting to analyze the death certificates of only those who died within 100 days of being vaccinated with a mRNA covid vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna.

That brought the total number of analyzed death certificates to three, which were used as the basis for the conclusion of the study.

Two of the three deaths were attributed to underlying health conditions while the third was attributed to an “undetermined natural cause” after ruling out drugs and alcohol.

Despite the sparse data, Cieslak advocated for the vaccine.

“When you’re balancing risks and benefits, you have to look at that and go, ‘You got to bet on the vaccine,’” he said.

Other studies have been more forthcoming about the vaccine’s cardiac-related side effects.

The British Hearth Foundation’s page on “Myocarditis and Covid-19 vaccines” says the odds of experiencing myocarditis or pericarditis after being vaccinated are 1 in 10,000 for Pfizer and Moderna’s shots.

It also mentions that cases are much more common in young men under the age of 25 and, as such, only those aged 75 and over are recommended to receive annual booster shots.

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