Lt. Governor’s Shirt Implies Physical Violence Against Parents

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MN Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan

Minnesota’s Lt. Governor was criticized for her comments after announcing an executive order protecting gender-change surgeries for children. But her sinister choice of clothing has gone largely unnoticed until now.

Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan faced backlash on social media after a clip surfaced of her saying parents must always “believe” their children when they “tell us who they are” in reference to their gender.

“That’s what it means to be a good parent,” she added.

Flanagan made the comments after Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order declaring the state to be a “trans refuge” for minors seeking transition-related health care, such as hormonal and surgical alterations.

A clip shared by Alpha News quickly went viral as people perceived her subtle threat to parents.

“There is an implied threat here that if you are not a “good parent”, the state will remove the child and assign them a good parent,” said user politicalmath. “That’s the next stop on this road.”

Her Decidedly Less Subtle Fashion

While her words were somewhat suggestive, Flanagan’s shirt made her stance clear.

On the black tee she wore underneath a red jacket, the image of a long knife could be seen sandwiched between words.

MN Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan

The shirt comes from Michigan-based company Transfigure Print Co, a “trans and queer owned LQBTQIA+ inclusive screen printing company”.

The full design reads “Protect Trans Kids”, one of three designs featuring different weapons used for physical violence in support of transgender people.

The Lt. Governor has not addressed her shirt or what exactly she intended to convey by wearing it in this context.


  1. I had one kid who said she was a horse for a solid year. She whinnied and cantered everywhere. My little boy had a period of time where he believed he was a fire truck. I let them pretend but I never considered feeding my daughter hay or checking with a vet to see if we could make her feet more like real hooves. And I did not consider taking my son to the mechanic. They went through a million phases as they grew to adulthood. My daughter was a huge Tom boy until one day she wanted a dress. As a parent, it is my job to let my children spread their wings but also to make sure they don’t fly into a power line and to guide them towards sound decisions that will allow them to be well adjusted adults.

    I will not be abdicating my responsibility to a bunch of people that believe biology is not real.

  2. Why doesn’t the Lt governor go under the knife and them she will be an expert on trans. Democrats wan to kill you one way or another from abortion to starvation.

  3. Once again the left “woke” crowd shows just how sick they really are. Is this what this country has become? Not only are the schools brainwashing our children, but now the state wants to take our children so they can turn them from one gender to another, all without the parents having any saying in the matter. If we don’t purge all these left wing loony democrats from our government, at all levels, county to federal, they will not only destroy our country, but whole generations of our children.

    • This is not “what our country has become”!! It’s what the brain damaged CommuFascists have done to our systems by surreptitious infiltration!!
      It’s time to fumigate!!!

  4. Being a good parent means providing your child with the best CARE possible, EVEN when that means saying no to a WANT that may likely be intense at the moment, but harmful as well as transient! As the adult, a good parent is aware of all the possible ramifications attached to such a want & that children’s wants change like the wind direction. If, as an adult,said child becomes fully informed & still wants to live his life so, then so be it, but he/ she must pay for the costs & consequences… ALL of them, not taxpayers.

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