DOD Agency’s Diversity Training Includes ‘Gender Unicorn’

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Internal documents show the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency’s (DCSA) “LGBTQIA + ally training” tools include the “gender unicorn”.

According to Fox News, the documents, which the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project acquired via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, reveal that DCSA, operating under the Defense Department, mandates recruits learn the principles of “inclusion and diversity.”

Recruits are instructed on definitions distinguishing sex from gender, recognition of the LGBTQIA acronym, and various terms associated with transgender identity.

An illustrative component of the training is the “gender unicorn,” employed to delineate the “gender orientation spectrum”.

via Fox News

The training materials implicitly support the notion that diversity in sexual orientation and gender identity aligns with the progression of society.

A critical element of this training is the “pride flag explained” segment, showing the evolution of the Pride Flag through the addition of colors and a reshaped design, a metaphor for “progress.”

It also describes hypothetical situations that might arise regarding gender identity and correct usage of pronouns, teaches how to start dialogue on allyship, and advises the correct response to pronoun corrections by colleagues.

The DCSA training goes further, advocating for public displays of solidarity through an “I am an ally” poster, which employees are encouraged to place in their workspace to signify a supportive environment.

Prominent within the training deck is a statement from Avril Haines, the Office of Director of National Intelligence, emphasizing the integral role of “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility” within the Intelligence Community (IC).

The training aligns with the the Diversity & Inclusion section of the department’s website, which states that DCSA “fosters a workplace of inclusion and values diversity.”

“Our ability to bring diverse individual experiences and perspectives together is key to applying innovative and creative solutions to mission challenges,” the page reads.

“The impact of our workforce is multiplied when we leverage diversity and inclusion to protect and defend our nation.”

The DCSA is actively searching for “diverse talent” at organizations that serve disabilities, veterans, and women, while also recruiting at heritage based groups and minority serving institutions.


  1. While training time is wasted on on this garbage pile of LIES (there is no “gender” in living creatures, plant or animal; it’s a binary world, with 2 sexes!), there is not left for things like seamanship, strategy, navigation, weapons use and maintenance, etc that have to do with the actual JOB of the military to start.

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