Biden Considers Reviving Trump Policy as Border Crisis Worsens

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President Joe Biden is reportedly considering reinstating a Trump-era immigration policy that he once referred to as “a stain” on the country.

In what would be a stunning reversal, the Biden administration is examining how to reinstate family detention for immigrants who cross the border illegally, according to the New York Times.

Biden ended the Trump-era policy roughly two years ago. During the Trump administration, the policy garnered outrage from Democrats and immigrant activists who called it cruel.

Instead, the current administration has released families into the United States to await court cases. Some are tracked by ankle monitors, some are given traceable cellphones, and others are simply told to check in from time to time.

Yet, faced with a growing immigration crisis on the southern border, Biden is apparently seeking a return to stricter policies as his administration continues to prepare for the end of another Trump-era policy, Title 42, in May,

The public health order allowed federal authorities to turn away asylum seekers during the pandemic. The government expects a surge on the already overwhelmed border once it ends as previously rejected immigrants attempt to cross again and make asylum claims.

A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said no final decision has been made and that it would “continue to prioritize safe, orderly, and humane processing of migrants.”

Immigrant activists were quick to respond to the news.

“Ending the inhumane practice of family detention has been one of the only positive immigration policy decisions of the Biden administration,” said Leecia Welch, an immigration attorney who lead the case to limit the number of days children can spend in detention.

“It is heartbreaking to hear there could be a return to the Trump-era use of this practice.”

The White House has declined to comment thus far, but The Times reports several senior White House officials have met with DHS to discuss options for restarting family detention by May 11th, the exact date Title 42 expires.


  1. I’ll tell you what is cruel.

    Cruel is letting people roam around the country without the ability to legally work, knowing that over 80% of them are going to commit identity theft committing additional crimes. Cruel is letting people roam around the country knowing many of them are hardened criminals and will prey on our citizens. Cruel is letting ‘families’ come in unchecked knowing that 25% of the time they aren’t related in any way with many of these kids abandoned or being used as sex slaves, or other types of slavery. Cruel is requiring hard working American citizens to foot the bill and the consequences for millions of people who are here illegally.

    That is what is cruel.

    • What you say is sadly true. Thanks to all these left wing liberals we are over run with the illegals and only God knows what they are spreading around this nation of ours.

  2. This is what Biden’s personal grudge against President Trump got him. How childish! Now.finish the wall!

  3. All of the illegal aliens that have entered our Country in the past 50 years is staggering !! Several years ago, it was estimated there were 20 million, then miraculously it dropped to 12 million, anyone reading this, KNOWS that 8 million illegal aliens DID NOT LEAVE our Country !! So, going with the 20 million, I would bet, there are a minimum of 40 million illegal aliens in our Country RIGHT NOW !! Is there ANYONE that would disagree and that our welfare to them is at least 500,000,000 dollars per year, if not more !?!? In addition, for all of you tree huggers out there, imagine the amount of water, food, garbage, electricity, carbon monoxide and other things they are using or producing, that are a negative in our society !! So, when things get really tight in our Country, where as American citizens, you can’t get because they are going to illegal aliens, blame the politicians for allowing all of these illegal aliens into our Country !!

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