RNC’s New Platform Scales Back Language on Big Issues

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The Republican National Committee released its 2024 party platform on Monday, and the document has toned down the language on several hot button issues.

The “America First: A Return to Common Sense” document was released on Monday, and according to reports, was written in part by former President Donald Trump himself.

The new platform was approved by the RNC platform committee in a 84-18 vote during a closed-door session on the same day it was released to the public.
Trump celebrated the platform’s overwhelming passage with a Monday afternoon post on Truth Social.

“Ours is a forward-looking Agenda with strong promises that we will accomplish very quickly when we win the White House and Republican Majorities in the House and Senate,” he wrote.

“We are, quite simply, the Party of Common Sense! America needs determined Republican Leadership at every level of Government to address the core threats to our very survival,” the former president added.

The RNC’s update platform mirrors Trump’s broader policy agenda on twenty bullet pointed issues, but the most striking points are the alterations to the GOP’s stance on abortion and same-sex marriage.

Regarding abortion, the revised language aligns with Trump’s stance post-Roe v. Wade, leaving restrictions to states.

A draft document reads, “We believe that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees that no person can be denied Life or Liberty without Due Process, and the States are, therefore, free to pass Laws protecting those Rights.”

Notably, the new platform excludes mention of a national abortion ban, a policy that Trump has continually opposed.

The document also significantly drops the definition of marriage as between “one man and one woman.”

The “forward-looking agenda” outlines a list of “promises” that RNC plans to make good on “very quickly” after retaking the White House and winning Republican majorities in Congress.

Sealing the border and halting the “migrant invasion” are at the top of the list, with a complimentary point of carrying out “the largest deportation operation” in the country’s history.

The agenda calls for ending inflation and making “America affordable again,” which will in part be accomplished by becoming the world’s “dominant energy producer,” and “manufacturing super power,” while giving workers “large tax cuts” and eliminating “tax on tips.”

The RNC plans to “end the weaponization of the government against the American people,” by defending the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Also on the agenda is reducing crime, nixing Biden’s electric vehicle mandate, and securing the election process with paper ballots, same day voting, and requiring proof of citizenship.

Despite the softened stance on abortion and same-sex marriage, the RNC is fully committed to keeping men out of women’s sports and defunding schools pushing woke ideology on children.

The sixteen page document will be presented at the RNC convention in Milwaukee next week.


  1. The first thing Trump must do is force the “old white elitists” and every Rino out of the party. With these peoplein the party NOTHING will be accomplished. When the demonRATS have a traitor they find a way to get rid of them. Republicans are too gutless to fight fire with fire. Getting along with demonRATS is not an option. O

  2. I agree with that statement 100%! President Trump and his true allies in the Republican Party must rid themselves of the Elitist RINO establishment from the party. Allowing them to remain is as the same as a Democrat amongst your own party!

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