Newsom Says Trump Wants ‘A Pre-1960s’ Era USA

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom criticized former President Trump on Thursday, claiming he wants to revert the U.S. to a “pre-1960s” era.

The Democrat emphasized that Trump’s stance on voting rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights is regressive, were aiming to take the country backward.

“Daylight and darkness. Yeah, I mean—pretty dystopian choice,” Newsom remarked in a clip captured by Fox News. “You got Donald Trump … wants to take us back to a pre-1960s world.”

He also defended President Joe Biden, arguing that the 81-year-old president has the record and mental fortitude to secure a second term amidst growing concern over his mental acuity.

During his Fourth of July speech to Democrats in Michigan, Newsom urged them to remain optimistic and proactive rather than succumbing to negativity.

“This is a serious moment in American history. It’s not complicated,” he remarked. “What I need to convince you of is not to be fatalistic, not to fall prey to all of this negativity. … Do more. Worry less.”

When questioned about the potential outcomes of Biden’s reelection bid, including whether he would support Vice President Kamala Harris for the nomination if Biden bows out, Newsom refused to engage in speculation.

“I don’t even like playing in the hypotheticals, because last night was about sort of locking down any doubt or ambiguity,” he said citing Biden’s pow-wow with top-dem governors.

“And then we start running in different directions, zigging and zagging and all that kind of speculation. And that gets in the way of progress.”
Newsom told the crowd that Biden reassured him and other governors during Wednesday’s White House meeting.

“That was the Joe Biden I remember from two weeks ago. That was the Joe Biden that I remember from two years ago,” Newsom said. “That’s the Joe Biden that I’m looking forward to reelecting as president of the United States, and I mean that.”

Biden reportedly admitted needing more sleep and limiting evening events to stay fit for his role, which Newsom commended.

“It was more of a rhetorical framework of just being fit and rested, because he was burning it at both ends that last last ten or so days (before the debate), and I think that was what he was reflecting,” the California Democrat defended.

“It wasn’t a literal ‘at 8 o’clock I will be doing things differently,’ it was more figurative.’”

Newsom added that it’s perfectly acceptable for a president to acknowledge their human limits and urged people not to overinterpret Biden’s remarks about his schedule.

“I believe in this man. I believe in his character. I believe that he has been one of the most transformative presidents in our collective lifetimes,” he wrapped up. “We’re so good at focusing on what’s wrong and not celebrating what’s right.”

Former Rep. Liz Cheney echoed Newsom’s earlier sentiments about Trump, urging people to read David McCullough’s speech “The Glorious Cause of America” to understand the stakes involved in the election.

“For 248 years, our freedom has survived. Now, its defense is up to us. We must defeat the former president who threatens to unravel our Republic,” Cheney tweeted on Thursday. “We must not fail.”

Cheney criticized Trump last week after he reposted a meme suggesting she committed treason.

“Donald — This is the type of thing that demonstrates yet again that you are not a stable adult — and are not fit for office,” she said at the time in a post on X.


  1. So, it is the opion of Newsom that there is nothing strange with the behavior of Biden. Newsom is obviously participating in the same mind altering cocktail that is leaving so many of his citizens lying out in the streets of his magnificant cities. If he sees nothing wrong with Biden it appears that is how he hinself would govern.
    50 Senators , hundreds of Congressmen, and this is the best the Democrats can come up with?

  2. The moronic nephew of that drunken sack of shit nancy pelosi; is that who we’re talking about?

  3. Newsom and Cheney both speak the truth. These 2 absolutely want to bring us into the future. You know the future that has nuclear tipped missiles being fired at us of coarse that doesn’t bother them, they believe the world population should be around 500,000,000 or less.
    Now Trump there is a guy who is really out of it. He doesn’t believe the world should be going around shooting nukes at each other. He doesn’t like war and wants to end them. Now Newsom and Cheney are hip they are with it. They love nuclear war, they make lots of money off it and there is a plus, they trim the population down.
    These people are sick and if you are smart you won’t even give them 1 minute of your time let alone any support. You notice those that love war have never been any closer to it than a television or movie screen.

  4. That would be a great thing Newscum. 60’s era beats the hell out of the mess this country is today.

  5. Why would anyone care what this says? He came in as governor with no debt, now he has destroyed it. Remember that if he ever decides to run for president.

  6. The leftist wannabe dictator of californication is decrying the fact that he claims President Trump wants a “pre-1960s era”. In some ways it would be better. The first way it would would be better is that he would not even be thought of yet, much less be born. Next, there was still morality and honesty in California.

  7. Pre-1960’s era was one of the greatest!! Newsom isn’t old enough to understand that…nor much else either!

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