Democrats Scheme To ‘Trump-Proof’ Agenda Ahead of Election

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Democratic officials in blue states are reportedly preparing to “Trump-proof” their progressive agenda.

With calls for the president to step down after his disastrous debate performance last week, and the White House adamantly denying that Biden is dropping out, some House Democrats are resigned to Trump winning the election.

Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez from Washington’s 3rd district said that Biden’s debate performance points to Trump as the obvious winner.

“About 50 million Americans tuned in and watched that debate. I was one of them for about five very painful minutes,” she told KATU.

“We all saw what we saw, you can’t undo that, and the truth I think, is that Biden is going to lose to Trump. I know that’s difficult, but I think the damage has been done by that debate,” Perez added.

In a Bangor Daily News op-ed, Rep. Jared Golden (D-Maine) expressed a similar sentiment, admitting that he has known for months that Trump would win. “And I’m okay with that,” he wrote.

With Trump forecasted to return to the White House, Democratic attorneys general are plotting an “aggressive legal strategy” to challenge him in court.

According to Politico, they plan to hire outside experts and take a deep dive into legal areas where they can contest actions by the next Trump administration.

Democratic AGs expect to file multiple lawsuits over policies on immigration, the environment, elections, reproductive health, and others that they oppose.
New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin told Politico that the scheme they’re planning to execute is actually about citizens’ rights.

“When you look at the first Trump presidency, you can see the devastating impact some of the policies that were pursued by that administration had on millions of people across our state,” he remarked.

“We need to be prepared for that possibility, even though it may not come to pass, so we’re not caught flat-footed and we’re ready to stand up for the rights of our residents should that be necessary,” Platkin added.

He noted that Democrats are “building the infrastructure” of potential legal challenges ahead of time, so they’ll be easy to roll out should they need ot be.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta bragged about how Democrats have already used the strategy before.

“Our office is not new to this. We’ve been in this position from 2016 to 2020,” he stated. “And if necessary, we’ll prepare to fight in the same way again.”

Democratic AGs filed over 160 multi-state lawsuits against the Trump administration during his time in office.

States states likely to spearhead the effort include Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York, amongst others.

According to one former AG, the motive behind the plan isn’t entirely about safeguarding progressive policies. Top prosecutors are also interested in how using lawfare against Trump could benefit their future careers.

“Attorneys general often now are looking at the next political step,” former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler (D) told the outlet.

“They make decisions predicated on politics sometimes instead of what they’re statutorily obligated to do.”


  1. Trump wins and has to begin bulldozing these bastards all over again. They have no understanding of the good that came from his first term. They instead choose to lie about biden’s non accomplishments which opened borders, created unstoppable inflation and wrought general havoc amongst the citizenry. Back off ignorant democrats and allow the growth brought about by intelligent leadership.

  2. The left is so hell bent on keeping power that they are willing to do anything, legal or not, to keep that power. What has happened to civility and the sacred power of the voting public? I fear that was lost when Obama entered the ring and the dems have gotten more greedy each year.

    • And more corrupt. I have lived through about 10 different presidents and never in all that time has thee been this kind of hatred. The demonRATS are truly the most evil and disconnected from reality political party in America history. Usually there is only one solution to such madness. I can see it happening soon.

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