Senators and Officials Put Criticism of Biden on Record

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Bernie Sanders
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In public remarks following President Biden’s disastrous debate appearance, Democrat officials have dropped their anonymity and are now openly criticizing him.

“I have to also be very honest with you and tell you that I think the president was not terribly articulate to say the least, and he was not focused,” Sanders commented at a rally in Stevens Point, Wis., on Friday about debate. “He did not defend a very strong record.”

Sanders on faulted Biden for failing to be “loud and clear” about his alleged achievements, including job creation and infrastructure development.

“I thought he was lacking in not doing what we all have to do, telling the American people what the agenda is for the next four years,” he noted.

Sanders assured rally-goers that a second term for Biden would see increased investment in infrastructure for the swing state and a reduction in prescription drug prices and healthcare costs.

He also attacked former President Donald Trump, labeling him a “pathological liar.”

“The vast majority of the American people [are] distressed by what they saw in Donald Trump,” Sanders stated. “They saw a pathological liar who lied and lied and lied.”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg also expressed disappointment over Biden’s debate performance but was firm in his support for the president staying in the race.

“It wasn’t the debate I would have loved for us to have,” Buttigieg remarked on MSNBC.

“I know what it’s like, to have a night on the campaign trail or a day or a moment or an event or an interview that you go back and say, ‘I would have done this different or done that different.’”

When asked if he’d support attempts to remove Biden from the ticket, Buttigieg responded with a firm “no.”

“Joe Biden is our candidate and our president because he is the best person to lead this country forward,” he added.

The Biden campaign has maintained that he will not step aside. He spoke about his poor debat performance at a rally in North Carolina on Friday.

“I don’t debate as well as I used to,” Biden admitted. “But I know what I do know. I know how to tell the truth. I know right from wrong. And I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done. And

I know what millions of Americans know: When you get knocked down, you get back up.”

Trump took a victory lap on Friday during a rally in Virginia, suggesting Biden’s less-than-stellar performance could sway undecided voters in his favor.

“Despite the fact that crooked Joe Biden spent the entire week at Camp David resting, working, studying — he studied very hard. He studied so hard that he didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” Trump told the audience.

“He got the debate rules that he wanted. He got the date that he wanted. He got the network that he wanted with the [moderators] that he wanted,” he added. “No amount of rest or rigging could help him defend his atrocious record. It’s not defensible.”

“I think last night was a big moment for people with common sense that want to see America be great again, want to put America first,” Trump declared.


  1. Well after reading comments from notable democrats defending Joe and encouraging him not to withdraw, I am now led to believe everyone in the DNC suffers from dementia. Joe’s record? He has none. A plan? He has none. #1 reason I voted for Trump and will again, is because I will no longer vote for the typical politician who makes promises in the campaign and immediately forgets them as soon as elected. I wanted a non-politician who knows how to get things done and is committed to keeping his promises. Trump has done that and will do it again.

  2. The real issue here is to hold all those responsible for lying to Americans about the people they select, and put into office by hook or crook to further their own lust for power & money. More often than not, it benefits anti American globalists even more than our corrupt politicians. Our laws, their intent & execution have noticeably become a mockery to every free nation & it shows. The arrogance of corrupt ‘leaders’ will only get worse if we cannot control the armies of ‘I want free stuff’ . As democrats believe conservative voters to be reprogrammed, it’s my belief that the people should use current momentum to retake control of our education and our voting systems. Do that and just maybe the politicians of other parties would take our judicial laws more seriously.

  3. The demokrats finally showed the world what they are about, it’s about fooling the people. They are deaf, blind and most of all – stupid. The demokrat people saw exactly what they are doing, but still believe this is the party that will make the USA a strong wonderful country again. Biden has no strong record to speak of, only the things destroying our country. Only dyed in the wool demokrats would think what biden has done is helping us when they are only helping themselves to whatever is left of our livelihoods and welfare after three plus years of biden’s rule.

  4. The only place biden has led us is to the many sources of his stealing from various countries around the world.

  5. “The vast majority of the American people [are] distressed by what they saw in Donald Trump,” Sanders stated. “They saw a pathological liar who lied and lied and lied.”

    It’s obvious! All they could respond with in the new DNC Talking Point Memo is “LIAR!”
    Expect the parrot media to assault you with Jill Biden’s intellectual response…”He Lied!”

    Chuckle if you must.

  6. Democrats don’t have the integrity to replace Biden. Their response to his mental decline will be to cheat more rather than find a candidate who isn’t mentally and physically feeble.

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