Democrats Introduce Legislation Against Supreme Court

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US Supreme Court Building

Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Jamie Raskin (D-MD) announced the details of their bill to “rein in” the Supreme Court.

In a preview of what might come should Democrats win in the upcoming elections, the two representatives said the explored multiple “avenues” to hold Supreme Court justices individually accountable.

Speaking to MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes, Ocasio-Cortez painted a clear picture of her intent.

“And so, it is not a question…of if Congress has jurisdiction and power over the Supreme Court. It is, what power are we going to exercise in order to rein in a fundamentally unaccountable and rogue court?” she said in Tuesday night comments.

“Congressman Raskin and myself will be introducing forthcoming legislation to even have the Supreme Court be subject to the same $50 gift rule that he and I are subject to, as everyone else who are members of Congress,” she added.

The Supreme Court has seen increased scrutiny after a series of reports detailing various undisclosed trips, gifts, and actions outside the court taken by multiple justices.

“It’s the highest court in the land with the lowest ethical standards. These are the only governmental officials in the land who are not governed by a binding ethics code. There’s no process by which we can hold any of them accountable,” Raskin said.

“And so, we need to clean that up. And that’s why we said we’re going to start with something simple that the whole country will be able to understand immediately and intuitively,” Raskin said. “We want a $50 gift ban for U.S. Supreme Court justices. They make $300,000 a year. Pay for your own lunch and pay for your own vacation.”

Earlier in the day, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL.) said Democrats will attempt to move the legislation to the floor via unanimous consent, but a Republican senator will almost certainly deny consent.


  1. The most corrupt people in America – congressional democrats – wet their pants over SCOTUS getting a free lunch…

  2. When a DemoCommie says “Democracy,”
    they mean “THEIR WAY!”
    Don’t be fooled by their language manipulation.

    • Its “NEWSPEAK” exactly as it was in the book “1984” as used by the autocratic government in the book which was a totalitarian regime which was exactly the same as a communist regime.

  3. I guess our founders were wrong when they said “separate and equal”. If AOC says congress has “jurisdiction and power” over the Supreme Court it must be true.🤪

  4. AOC apparently forgot the gifts of the $200,000 ticket she received to the event where she wore the white designer gown spray painted with “tax the rich” across her broad backside that she never paid the designer for either. The Democrats are notoriously famous for accepting “gifts” and not bothering to report or pay taxes on them. So far the Congressional Committees have found approximately $20,000,000,000 of payments to the Biden’s LLC Shell Companies and the Bidens have not provided one shred of proof that they ever provided a single product or service to the payer.
    My wise old grandmother used to say “Before you tell your neighbor to clean their pigpen, you better clean your own.”

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