As Trump Trial Closes, Biden Trial Set to Start

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President Biden’s remaining son will soon face a criminal trial that could potentially see him behind bars.

Hunter Biden’s trial begins Monday in Delaware. He faces three counts involving possession of a firearm while using narcotics, to which he pled not guilty.

The trial will bring the public’s attention back to many embarrassing moments in Biden’s life, including his past drug use, testimony from his ex-wife Kathleen Buhle, and testimony from his brother’s widow, who Hunter began an affair with shortly after Beau Biden’s death.

That leaves many wondering what impact it will have on President Joe Biden.

The senior Biden will leave the country for France just after the trial begins. He’ll return to Europe again in the middle of the month, and at the end of June he faces his first debate against former President Donald Trump.

“He has always put his family at the center of his life,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said in an interview. “He has shown for decades an ability to both tend to difficult and pressing family needs and carry out his office.”

Others close to the family say it wont be so easy.

“It will likely be very personal and very painful,” an adviser to the president said.

Biden has brought his son even closer as the trial date closes in. Hunter was a guest at a state dinner in May for the president of Kenya. He has also joined his father for travel on Air Force One and the pair were seen cycling together at their beach home over the weekend.

“This is a father and son who have had an especially close relationship their entire lives,” said Michael LaRosa, a former spokesman for first lady Jill Biden.

Even if Hunter makes it through this trial unscathed, he will go on trial in California in a separate case involving tax fraud and evasion in September.

Biden’s aides are reportedly concerned about the timing of that trial and its potential impact on voters just two months before the election.

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  1. Compare Hunter Trial to Trump alone
    Jill sat in on Jury selection
    How many are in jail/prison for same crimes as Hunter.
    Is this fair

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