Tlaib In Hot Water for Speaking at Terror-Linked Conference

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Rashida Tlaib
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Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is facing backlash for speaking at a conference that reportedly has connections to a terrorist group.

The ultra-left wing “Squad” member attended the People’s Conference for Palestine in Detroit, where she blasted “enabler” President Joe Biden for his support of Israel amidst the country’s ongoing military operations in Gaza against Hamas following the terrorist organization’s October 7th attacks.

During her speech, she urged Americans to withhold their votes from President Joe Biden in the November 2024 election as a form of protest against his support for Israel.

“Each year, our country, and I say our country because it is our country, sends billions of dollars to maintain an apartheid government and support the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians,” Tlaib stated.

She called Biden and her congressional colleagues “disgraceful” for smearing the pro-Palestinian student demonstrators plaguing universities across the nation for “protesting to save lives.”

She also criticized Biden for his remarks that Israel is not committing “genocide” as its defense forces advance into the southern city of Rafah.

Nearly 50 displaced Palestinians were killed and 200 more were injured, when an Israeli airstrike targeting two senior Hamas militants hit a refugee camp on Sunday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that it was a “tragic mistake” that was being “investigated.”

U.N. high commissioner Volker Turk condemned the decision to strike an area that was “densely packed with civilians,” an “entirely predictable outcome.”

“The International Court of Justice (ICJ) just ruled that the Israeli government must stop its invasion of Rafah, but President Biden says what’s happening [in Gaza] is not a genocide,” Tlaib told the crowd. “Where’s your red line, President Biden?”

She said that “attacking the authority” of the ICJ and impeding the legal process is an endeavor to “revent the genocidal maniac Netanyahu and his senior Israeli officials from being held accountable for those crimes against humanity.”

“You are an enabler,” Tlaib accused Biden. “But we’re not going to forget in November, are we?”

Tlaib was instrumental in leading a group of Arab activists who successfully convinced Michigan Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in the state’s primary as a statement against the Biden administration’s policies on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Wisam Rafeedie, an activist linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which is active in Gaza and headquartered in Damascus, Syria, was one of the speakers at the event.
The U.S. State Department, alongside Japan, Canada, and the European Union, classifies the PFLP as a terrorist organization.

The conference was reportedly put together by The People’s Forum, a communist group connected to Neville Roy Singham, who has been called a ‘conduit’ for CCP geopolitical influence.”

A few Republican lawmakers reacted to Tlaib’s participation after a video of her speech went viral on social media.

“Rashida Tlaib should be removed from Congress immediately,” Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) remarked.

“Associating with and speaking before groups that are funded by US designated terrorist organizations is disqualifying.”

“When people choose sides – you should believe them,” Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) responded.

Meanwhile, fellow Squad members Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) faced online backlash for their Memorial Day posts, which neither lawmaker didn’t seem to understand the meaning of.

Bush shared on her government X account: “This #MemorialDay & every day, we honor our veterans in St. Louis. We must invest in universal health care, affordable housing, comprehensive mental health services, and educational & economic opportunities for our veterans as we work to build a world free of war and violence.”

Shortly after, Omar posted on her government X account: “On #MemorialDay, we honor the heroic men and women who served our country. We owe them more than our gratitude — they have more than earned access to quality mental health services, job opportunities, housing assistance, and the benefits they were promised.”

Memorial Day is held annually on the last Monday of May to pay tribute to U.S. service members who have died in military service. Both politicians received criticism online for their remarks and subsequently deleted the posts.

“Cori Bush just deleted this tweet where she confused Memorial Day with Veterans Day,” Libs of TikTok remarked.

“Ilhan Omar also deleted her tweet where she confused Veterans Day with Memorial Day,” the account added.

“I guess she realized you can’t give jobs and housing to dead servicemembers who gave their lives for our country.”


  1. She SHOULD be in DEEP trouble! Her job is to represent American citizens, not foreign terrorists!

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