Boston Dem’s ‘Hostile’ Behavior Has Party Terrified

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Tania Fernandes Anderson
Photo Credit: U.S. Army photographer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The behavior of a Boston Democrat who is aiming to “dismantle America’s white backdrop” has gotten so unhinged that her liberal colleagues are concerned she has become a “problem.”

Tania Fernandes Anderson, originally from West Africa, has been a polarizing figure in city hall since refusing to swear the oath of office during her swearing-in ceremony in 2022.

She was instructed to retake the oath after footage revealed her refusal to say the words or raise her right hand during the ceremony. In a statement at the time, Anderson claimed she was internalizing the oath and didn’t feel the need to vocalize it.

Anderson’s controversial behavior has seemingly escalated to the point hat even her liberal colleagues are now concerned that she has fostered an “unhealthy” environment in the Boston City Council.

An anonymous source told Fox News that Anderson frequently swears, yells, and accuses her colleagues of racism during public city hall meetings.

In a resurfaced video from 2022, Anderson is seen slamming the table and shouting, “What the f* do I have to do in this f*ing council to get respect as a black woman?”

At the same meeting, Anderson described the city council as “depraved” and “stupidly racially divided” while discussing redistricting.

“I can’t even call you guys cowards because desperation deserves mercy,” she scolded fellow city council members.

“Your votes here sometimes are racist… I am here to represent every black woman and man in the community.”

According to the Fox News report, an unnamed colleague claimed Anderson has been “hostile, verbally abusive, and anti-Semitic.” The source stated that Anderson’s relentless focus on passing resolutions condemning Israel since October 7 has hindered her ability to perform her duties effectively.

“People are intimidated by her. And that intimidation does work,” the source told the outlet.

Allegedly, city council members bend to Anderson’s will because they afraid of disagreeing “with Tania because she’s unpredictable.” Reportedly, Anderson once texted a colleague to “toughen the f*** up” and drop the “dirty politics.”

“Whatever the f— is the problem work it out and leave out your evil resentments,” she wrote. “I don’t want to always feel I need to give anyone smoke because when it comes to family, I know we are all capable of becoming warriors.”

While Anderson’s antics are bad, her attendance is even worse, with a Boston Herald report revealing that she has missed plenty of meetings since being sworn in to office.

In 2023 alone, she missed three crucial public safety votes. The September 13 meeting shes skipped concluded with the Boston Regional Intelligence Center losing out on three $850,000 grants and an October 4 meeting where $3.4 million in grants were approved for the police department’s intelligence division.

The December 13 vote she sat out involved an a five-year contract for the city’s largest police union, which passed unanimously, and a 6-6 tie vote on a $13 million counterterrorism grant..

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