Biden Mocked After Lack of Crowd in Atlanta

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President Joe Biden was roasted on social media over video footage showing a lack of enthusiasm in the deep blue city of Atlanta.

Biden visited Atlanta to hold a high-dollar fundraising event and give a commencement speech at Morehouse College, a historically black men’s university.

After arriving in the city, Biden’s motorcade was met with lackluster enthusiasm and little fanfare.

“Biden arrived in Georgia to participate in a campaign event, and his motorcade drove through deep blue Atlanta. Nobody cared,” said a user on X.

“Haha. Man, can Biden draw a crowd. The only people there are waiting to cross the street,” said another.

The RNC Research account was more biting.

“If a presidential motorcade passes through town but absolutely nobody cares – did it really pass through town?” RNC Research asked alongside video footage showing empty streets apart from a few people filming.

At the ritzy fundraiser in the expensive Buckhead neighborhood, Biden praised Georgia voters for winning him the 2020 election against former President Donald Trump.

“If you ever doubt the power of the vote, I say come to Georgia. You are the reason I won. Georgia is the reason I’m president right now,” Biden told supporters at the event.

“You all brung me to the dance,” he said.

Students at Morehouse College were similarly unenthused.

“The general feeling on the ground is that we don’t want him here,” a student named Malik told WSB-TV in Atlanta earlier this month.

“It’s very obvious that we’re being used to score political points and get more Black votes. It is so obvious that it’s just about the presidential campaign.”

Biden’s Atlanta visit comes just after a New York Times poll showed Trump is leading Biden in a majority of battleground states, including Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona.

Trump’s support among black voters has also surged, even in a shock CNN poll that found his support from black voters more than doubled to 22% compared to 2020.


    • Fundamentally true; only democrats would employ a decoy that attracts almost no attention. A decoys primary function is to attract attention.

  1. I don’t know why any black person with half a brain would vote for a democrat —— well that’s not entirely true. Dems have kept blacks as dumbed down as they can so that they don’t know history. Most obviously don’t know that all of the slave owners were democrats. they must not know that all the Jim Crow Laws, that the Dems like to bloviate about, were passed by democrats. And they must not know that the KKK was developed as a militant arm of the democrats.

  2. Let me make it as clears as possible.   Biden did not win the 2020 election. He is a liar, and a manipulator to achieve his goal. His half brain just not cut out to make any sense at all. This is the reason why people are waking up from his hypnotize for decade. His sold his soul to the devil. I believe he won’t making it to November.

      • Truly an amazing circumstance. He is not well liked; his supporters ignore his dismal performance. He rides high on zero qualification.

    • Very late at night after the voting was over for the 2020 election, I SAW the young man who was driving an 18-wheeler truck from Long Island, NY to Philadelphia where he dropped off tons of ballots for Joe Biden, and spoke with the people where he dropped off the ballots. The people involved even talked about getting the ballots! Also I SAW in Georgia when the voting was over, the Republicans who were manning the election went home, and several black women pulled up the table cloths of long tables, and took out big boxes of ballots.
      As we all remember, it was many days before the ballot counting was completed! Also, how about several areas having more votes than they did people living in that area??? AND…we were told that the election was CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just repeating what I SAW! Of course, in a few places since then, we have seen on websites that there were people who were incarcerated because of voter fraud, buit not much was ever made of it.

  3. Joe Biden is the epitome of the statement Peter principle. he rose to the highest level of his incompetency, the pResident of the U.S>. he is a place holder for Obama, who has had three terms running this country into the ground. they have either Newsom or Mike Obama waiting to step out on 6-13-24, and one of them will debate Trump. Biden cannot debate anyone or thing. if he is full of pharmaceuticals maybe, like the state of the union. every doctor has said he was on something, as he checked all the boxes for someone over medicated. this is just a circus, without a ringmaster, and too many clowns.

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