Biden Launches Contest Featuring Hollywood Actors to Fundraise

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President Joe Biden’s campaign is tapping former President Barack Obama to help host a celebrity fundraiser in Los Angeles in June.

Biden campaign officials said major players at the fundraiser will include George Clooney and Julia Roberts, who will sign emails and text messages to supporters as well as be featured in social media posts and digital ads.

The two will also reportedly participate in some sort of contest, the details of which have not yet been fully disclosed.

The official said the contest is meant to “engage the campaign’s grassroots donors and bring in the entirety of our support network.”

Other celebrities and influencers yet to be announced will also participate in the event.

The campaign intends to promote the event as a ritzy, high-profile gala similar to the fundraising event Biden held in March with Obama and former President Bill Clinton.

He will also hold another fundraiser with both Bill and Hillary Clinton later this summer.

The campaign has boasted a fundraising advantage while the Republicans were sorting out their nominee, but new campaign finance filings are expected to show that gap close now that former President Donald Trump has become the nominee.

“We’re not under any illusion that he’s not going to narrow the gap,” a Biden campaign adviser said. “But what he can’t get back is the time we’ve had with all this money to do what we’ve done.”

After the high-profile fundraiser with Obama and Clinton, Biden raised nearly $44 million dollars in March.

However, Trump held a high-dollar fundraiser in April that raised $50.5 million alone.

In an attempt to stay ahead, the Democrat party will continue to rely heavily on former President Obama’s influence. He is expected to headline fundraisers not only for Biden, but for various Democrats’ Senate and House campaigns as well as the National Democratic Redistricting Committee.


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