Biden Admin to Introduce Taxpayer-Funded IDs for Illegal Migrants

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The Biden administration is poised to introduce a new government-funded project that will hand out identification cards to undocumented immigrants.

According to Fox News Digital, the initiative will start over summer, with the aim of streamlining Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s documentation system for removal proceedings.

The agency is eyeing Atlanta and Houston as two of the possible four locations the pilot starts in across the nation.

The agency clarified that these ID cards would not serve as federal ID forms but aim to “modernize documentation provided to some noncitizens.”

“While the specifics of the card and pilot are under development, it is important to note the secure card will not be an official form of federal identification,” ICE told the outlet.

“The secure card will indicate it is for use by DHS agencies and would be provided only after national security background checks have been performed.”

ICE claims that the card will save them millions of dollars and help reduce their year’s long FOIA backlog.

“For provisionally released noncitizens, the digital modernization will provide ongoing access to important immigration documents through the secure card and connected portal,” the agency stated.

The current system involves giving illegal migrants a stack of paper documents about their immigration status, which the agency said were easy to lose or damage, while an ID card will easily allow their agents to verify their identity in the Department of Homeland Security systems.

RJ Hauman, leader of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement and a Heritage Foundation visiting fellow, said the ID scheme will “undoubtedly lead” to undocumented immigrants “obtaining other documents, benefits and rights — or create an entirely new identity.”

“Just in time for the election, the Biden administration is quietly legitimizing a government-sanctioned invasion of our nation,” Hauman jeered.

Leaked images of the proposed ID cards reveal that they will feature a photograph among other identifying details.

In related immigration news, the Biden administration initiated legal action against Iowa on Thursday over a statute enabling state authorities to detain and deport immigrants within their borders who were previously deported or denied entry into the country.

The Justice Department’s lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa, states that the law contravenes the Constitution and seeks an injunction against Iowa’s enforcement of the statute.

“Iowa cannot disregard the U.S. Constitution and settled Supreme Court precedent,” Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton stated.

“We have brought this action to ensure that Iowa adheres to the framework adopted by Congress and the Constitution for regulation of immigration.”

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird blasted the White House for failing to enforce current federal immigration laws.

“When Biden fails to do his job and secure our border, States have to take matters into their own hands. Iowa’s law is not unique; it simply enforces immigration laws while Biden refuses to,” Bird said in a statement. “Iowa stands ready to defend our immigration law that keeps Iowa communities safe.”

The statute, SF 2340, which was signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds (R) last month, introduces penalties for “illegal reentry,” subjecting undocumented immigrants to up to two years in prison and deportation, and is scheduled to take effect on July 1.

Additionally, under the new state legislation, an immigrant arrested for committing another felony could be convicted of a Class C felony for unlawfully entering the country, facing up to 10 years in prison.

The law also mandates Iowa judges to issue an order for individuals convicted of illegal entry to be deported to their country of origin.


  1. NO! That’s what the liars said about SSA numbers, essentially too! My 70yr old card says right on it’s face “NOT to be used for ID purposes”. But when asked for your ID what is 1 of the 1st things they ask for? SSA number! NO IDs for criminal invaders, no drivers’ licenses, no nothing, but a swift ride back to wherever they came from, period!

  2. I don’t want any more of my tax money going to illegals that a delusional derelict let pour into this country. If I have to pay, I’ll pay to ship them out of the country. I’ve had it.

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