Lara Trump Blasts ‘Coordinated’ Comments from Obama and Dems

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Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-chair Lara Trump responded to a series of “coordinated” attacks against former President Donald Trump by Democrat leadership.

Lara Trump appeared on Newsmax’s show “The Balance” on Thursday, where host Eric Bolling asked her about the similarity between recent remarks given by Democrat leaders such as failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former President Barack Obama, and President Joe Biden.

Each of them have suggested former President Trump will not accept the results of the upcoming election in November if he does not win, following comments he made to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel last week.

“If everything’s honest, I’d gladly accept the results,” Trump said at the time.

Democrats jumped on his comments by issuing similarly worded statements about Trump’s current unwillingness to commit to accepting the 2024 election results.

“I think, isn’t it all coordinated?” Lara said.

“Isn’t all of this stuff coming from one place? It’s pretty obvious that Donald Trump does accept election results even despite the fact that it was a very questionable election in 2020 because Joe Biden is, unfortunately, sitting in the Oval Office today,” she followed.

She said that her father-in-law and millions of Americans simply do not feel they can trust the broken electoral process.

“What Donald Trump has said – and I think he’s exactly right – is that we should have free, fair, and transparent elections,” she said on Thursday. “And unfortunately, Eric, there are millions and millions of Americans out there who don’t feel like they can trust our electoral process. We can’t function as a country like that.”

A Washington Post/University of Maryland survey published earlier this year showed that a full one-third of American adults believe that Biden’s 2020 election is illegitimate.

“The truth is, if there’s no election interference, if everything is fair, and there’s nothing nefarious happening in an election, it is pretty clear based on all the polls out there and anybody you talk to Donald Trump will be the 47th president,” she finished.

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