Pelosi Throws Her Support Behind a Speaker of the House

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced her support of the upcoming Democrat-led attempts make sure that Mike Johnson (R-LA) stays in place as the House Speaker.

Pelosi endorsed Democratic House Leader Hakeem Jeffries strategy to maintain Johnson’s position as the Speaker, in an attempt to “support the integrity of the House of Representatives and will not let it be littered up by nonsense.”

Pelosi’s remarks come as Johnson is being targeted for removal from the leadership position by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), after Johnson has split from Republican ranks to pass legislation supported by Democrats.

Both Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) have shown support for Greene’s procedural motion, which is identical to the one that led to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) being ousted from the speakership in October of last year.

Massie has coined his actions as the “three betrayals,” which includes killing 12 individual appropriations bills and passing Democrat supported two-part omnibus bill, pushing through reauthorization of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and attempting to free up billions in aid for Ukraine without a dime towards the southern border.

Greene is planning to force the vote against Johnson, despite Jeffries and other Democratic leaders pledging their support to keep Johnson in place should a motion to table arise. She blasted the speaker on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday.

“Speaker Mike Johnson is talking about kicking Republican members off of committees if we vote against his rules/bills,” Green wrote in an early morning post.

“This comes after he’s serving Chuck Schumer and Biden’s every single wish and passing major bills with Democrats and not the majority of Republicans!”

“It’s not us who is out of line, it’s our Republican elected Speaker!!” She added. “By the way, being kicked off committees is nothing new for me. Badge of honor. Don’t threaten me with a good time.”

In a follow-up post, Greene alluded to Johnson making shady deals with Democrats, in response to Pelosi’s remarks.

“The entire Democrat Party is lining up behind Mike Johnson,” she wrote. “First, it was the entire leadership team for the Democrats.”

“Now, Nancy Pelosi, who impeached President Trump TWICE, has given Johnson her seal of approval. What deal has been made??” Greene questioned.


  1. I can’t quite understand TRUMP’s support of Mike Johnson. Trump and Pelosi agree? Somebody check the temperature in hell!

  2. So much for bi-partianship and working across the aisle. I sincerely hope MTG loses her next election. She isn’t nearly as wonderful as she thinks she is.

  3. Democrats are in a win-win position. They can support Johnson and continue getting everything they want or they can pretend they will vote for him and then at the last minute not support him and send the whole Republican Party into chaos during an election year.

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