LGBT Governor Rescinds Public-Funded Position For Mentally Ill Wife

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Tina Kotek
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After facing significant public backlash, Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has declared she will not establish an Office of the First Spouse for her mentally ill, alcohol abusing wife.

Kotek had initially planned to establish an Office of the First Spouse for her wife, Aimee Kotek Wilson, after public outcry over five weeks of confusion surrounding the appointment, after Wilson admitted to being in alcohol recovery and suffering from a mental illness in March.

During a Wednesday press briefing, Kotek clarified that her wife will take on a more limited role, primarily focusing on ceremonial duties and engaging with community groups, rather than operating a full-blown, publicly funded office.

Kotek said that she is currently seeking guidance from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission to outline her wife’s forthcoming responsibilities.

After weeks of controversy surrounding the ill-fated First Spouse Kotek acknowledged her failure in effectively explaining what Wilson’s would-be government role to the public.

“I take responsibility for not being more thoughtful in my approach to exploring the role of the first spouse,” Kotek remarked. “I am sorry for the way this conversation between my office and you has started.”

Apart from staffers her wife has had since Kotek took office in 2023, Wilson will not have a chief of staff nor will she directly oversee any staff members.

“Between now and when we learn more from (the ethics commission), the first lady will continue to accompany me and attend events representing the governor’s office, such as tribal visits and ceremonial events, and she will listen to Oregonians about the issues most impacting them, especially in the area of mental health and addiction,” Kotek continued.

According to Oregon Live, Wilson has publicly admitted her recovery from alcoholism in March, although she hasn’t detailed the specific mental illness she battles.

Kotek has been scrutinized for Wilson’s evolving position within the governor’s leadership, particularly the security guards who protect her at events she attends in the governor’s stead, which was slated to be funded through the governor’s budget.

Wilson has reportedly been participating in Kotek’s policy meetings that pertain to mental health and addiction services, and ruffling feathers while she’s been present.

Three of Kotek’s senior advisors, including the governor’s chief of staff have reportedly resigned because of Wilson.

In March, the Oregon Government Ethics Commission announced a preliminary examination of a complaint tied to Kotek, and is contemplating an investigation into the allegations.


  1. Well, isn’t that appropriate for the State of Oregon! A dyke governs the state while her mentally ill “spouse” waits to learn her duties and responsibilities. These people belong on a different planet.

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