MTG Prepares to Devastate House with Renewed Chaos

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) committed Sunday to vacating yet another Republican House Speaker.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, who assumed the position after Kevin McCarthy was infamously vacated in October last year, is now at risk of suffering the same fate.

“Mike Johnson’s leadership is over. He needs to do the right thing to resign and allow us to move forward in a controlled process,” Greene said in an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures. “If he doesn’t do so, he will be vacated.”

At issue is the $95 billion dollar package the House passed on Saturday. The bills include $60.8 billion in aid for Ukraine and $26 billion in aid for Israel.

Just before the package passed, Representative Paul Gosar (AZ) said he would support the motion to vacate if Greene introduced it.

“We need a Speaker who puts America first rather than bending to the reckless demands of the warmongers, neo-cons and the military industrial complex making billions from a costly and endless war half a world away,” Gosar said in a statement Friday.

Representative Thomas Massie (KY) announced his intent to do so earlier in the week, meaning there are enough votes to remove Johnson unless Democrats step in to protect him.

Interestingly, some House Democrats have signaled their willingness to do just that.

“I probably would [support Johnson]. We can’t do another three-week standstill. As it is, we’ve got nothing done in the 118th Congress,” said a Democrat lawmaker anonymously to NBC News. “Look, he’s not my favorite person in the world, but on the other hand it’s a terrible and tough job in this Congress.”

It would be a marked change from when all Democrats joined eight Republicans to vacate McCarthy last year, but a sign of simmering frustration in both parties.

So many Republicans have left their seats early or announced they will not run for reelection, citing the chaotic atmosphere in Congress, that even former President Donald Trump has commented.

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  1. Given how our government is going rogue, and is unrecognizable to the Founding Ideals, I am happy to see someone stirrin’ the puddin’! Otherwise it would appear that everyone considers it normal! Corruption is OK.
    It’s going to take a few internal Revolutionaries to get us back to normal Republic again. The Freedom Caucus is our best shot!

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