Migrants Crossing the Border Reveal Their Pick for President

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Migrants interviewed at the southern border were asked who they want to win the upcoming presidential election.

The Free Press’s Peter Savodnik spoke to migrants attempting to cross into the United States from Mexico and the general consensus is that they have a better chance of getting in if Biden remains in office.

“If it’s Trump, it doesn’t matter how much I work or want to work, they won’t let me in,” on of them told Savodnik.

“If [Biden] doesn’t win, I can’t imagine what will happen,” said another, who plans to use the phrase “credible fear” to gain entry into the U.S.

According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, “a credible fear of persecution or torture” will aid a migrants efforts to gain entry into the United States through asylum. Notably, there are “no mandatory bars to establishing a credible fear.”

“I want Biden to win,” a Honduras migrant living in a camp along the border said to Savodnik.

Meanwhile, Staten Island Borough President Vito J. Fossella revealed how much the ongoing migrant crisis is costing taxpayers in “sanctuary” New York City.

“The migrant crisis is one of the worst things I’ve seen in my lifetime,” Fossella told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo.

“First of all, it’s a fraud on the American people and the people of Staten Island. Almost two years ago when this thing started, we said the policy was going to be unsustainable.”

He noted that while some New Yorkers “welcomed the migrants in midtown with champagne glasses,” many were concerned that the policies would be “unfair to taxpayers.”

Fossella revealed that in less than two years since migrants have flocked to the city, it has cost $12 billion, which breaks down to somewhere in the ballpark of “$150,000 per migrant, per year.”

He said the figure represents twice the amount of the median American household.

“Meanwhile, we still have folks in Washington that say there’s no problem at the border. Well, we are paying the price. We’re paying the price heavily. It continues to be unsustainable,” he added.

“Until there are policy differences that are made at the border, unfortunately law-abiding, tax-paying citizens will have to absorb this and it’s just not fair or right to them.”


  1. When are they going to ask the really important question? “Are you VOTING for Biden?” Given the fact that the Democrats in Congress are pushing “Mail-in Ballots Instruction Sheet Printed in 2O Languages” when they know immigration law requires the ability to READ, WRITE, and SPEAK the ENGLISH Language to be granted US Citizenship, I think we already have the answer. The most important question of all is: What are WE THE CITIZENS of the USA going to do to prevent it?

  2. Think Biden is destroying our country out of a genuine love for people? Very doubtful. It’s all about money and power —— the welfare of our beautiful nation be damned. Is Biden a traitor? Most definitely! The worst of it is than many “Americans” who vote democrat really don’t care.

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