Biden Campaign Reveals Big Plans for Florida

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President Biden’s campaign has its sights set on flipping Florida blue in the upcoming election.

On Monday, Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez wrote a four-page memo outlining how the president could edge out former president Donald Trump in his home state.

“Make no mistake: Florida is not an easy state to win, but it is a winnable one for President Biden, especially given Trump’s weak, cash-strapped campaign, and serious vulnerabilities within his coalition,” she wrote.

While Trump was narrowly able to secure a 51 percent win over Biden’s 48 percent of votes in 2020, Chavez Rodriguez believes that “investing in Florida” is a “pathway to victory.”

On Monday, the Florida Supreme Court upheld a 15-week ban on abortion in the state, which means the six-week abortion ban Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law last year will be able to go into effect in May.

“Abortion rights will be front and center in Florida this election cycle,” the memo highlighted.

“This new, extreme abortion ban — one that Donald Trump personally paved the way for — will now amount to a ban for the entire Southeast,” the announcement detailed.

“Women in need of reproductive care throughout the region now face a choice between putting their lives at risk or traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to get care.”

Chavez Rodriguez said that the ruling, which will allow voters to decide if the six-week abortion ban can continue in November, will give the Biden campaign an advantage as state Republicans are “forced to defend their cruel, indefensible support” at the polls.

The campaign also thinks Florida is “the blueprint” for “extreme” Republican’s “toxic and losing agenda,” which will play out on the national stage in November, with “DeSantis and Trump running to out-MAGA each other.”

In addition to nearly banning abortion, the memo called some of Florida’s “deeply unpopular legislation” passed by GOP politicians an “assault” on state residents “rights and freedoms.”

Making it easier for criminals to carry guns, along with rewriting history and banning books were cited as offending laws.

Florida Republican’s “toxic political agenda” was accused of “leading to higher costs” for working families, because property prices are rising and DeSantis refused to expand Medicaid in the state.

“President Biden is in a stronger position to win Florida this cycle than he was in 2020,” the announcement concluded.

“Donald Trump’s platform is uniquely unpopular with voters who will decide this election in the Sunshine State – and our campaign is primed and ready to seize on the opportunity.”

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  1. I don’t think abortion is as big a deal in Florida as she thinks it is. A huge percentage of the population are senior citizens well beyond caring about aborting! They’re more concerned with the economy and inflation! They’re, also, pretty pissed at Biden for flooding their state with illegals and trying to force the LGBTQIA×/Transgender movement on them.
    I think they’re going to run into those same problems throughout the country.

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