Former Trump Lawyer To Be Disbarred After Attempting To Overturn Presidential Election

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John Eastman
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A Democrat judge ruled that a lawyer involved in former President Trump’s campaign to challenge the 2020 election outcomes should be disbarred.

On Wednesday, State Bar Judge Yvette Roland, a Democrat appointed by former California Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018, found John Eastman at fault on 10 of the 11 accusations brought against him by the California State Bar.

The state’s legal body wanted to take away Eastman’s law license over his “misleading statements” about election fraud in 2020, and his role “provoking” the Capitol riot.

According to Politico, Eastman was drafted to Trump’s legal team in Fall of 2020, and was tasked with putting together a legal argument that was supportive of state legislators possessing the ability to overturn election results. He was then tapped to represent Trump in his battle to challenge the presidential election results in Georgia, and to the Supreme Court.

Most notably, Eastman crafted a strategy for former Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election outcome during the Jan. 6, 2021, session of Congress, by not counting a selection of Biden’s electors, which would force an election delay. Pence ultimately refused to participate in the ploy and certified the election results.

“In view of the circumstances surrounding Eastman’s misconduct and balancing the aggravation and mitigation, the court recommends that Eastman be disbarred,” Roland wrote in a her decision.

“Given the serious and extensive nature of Eastman’s unethical actions, the most severe available professional sanction is warranted to protect the public and preserve the public confidence in the legal system.”

In her 128-page opinion, Roland said that Eastman willfully ignored evidence that was contradictory to his case and knowingly made fraudulent claims in legal filings.

“He turned a blind eye to any information that would not support his position of election fraud,” she wrote.

Roland decided that Eastman was guilty of of misleading courts, a lack of candor, and trying to disrupt the electoral count, amongst other charges California state bar investigators leveled against him.

Of the 11 counts he was accused of, the judge did not agree with the assertion that Eastman was guilty contributing to the Capitol riot with a speech he gave on Jan. 6, prior to the events of the day.

In addition to recommending Eastman lose his legal license, Roland advised that he should be forced to pay a $10,000 fine to the State Bar of California Client Security Fund.

Eastman plans to appeal the ruling, which his attorneys called “Orwellian,” in the California Supreme Court, but will be unable to practice law in the state in the meantime.

His legal team insisted that Eastman handled Trump’s cases at the time “based on reliable legal precedent, prior presidential elections, research of constitutional text, and extensive scholarly material.”

“The process undertaken by Dr. Eastman in 2020 is the same process taken by lawyers every day and everywhere – indeed, that is the essence of what lawyers do,” they said in a statement on Wednesday.


  1. Another democrat judge just participating in the use of their unconstitutional judicial anarchy agenda. Reminds me of the courts of communist Russia and the 1930’s to 1945
    Nazi Germany eras,

  2. Then how about disbarring Leticha James and Fani Willis. Oh yeah, they are democrats so nothing will happen to them. Only those on the conservative/Trump side will face disbarrment. What a dirty, crooked system the Obama/Biden admin has caused. America has lost it’s way under the democrats. Make sure you know who you are voting for come Nov.

  3. GOOD. He should be disbarred.
    All those who willfully break our law should be HELD to ACCOUNTABILITY.


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