MTG Causes Chaos in House with Motion to Vacate

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to remove the House speaker on Friday, and House Republicans are seething about the “idiotic” move.

Greene filed a motion to vacate while the House was voting on a $1.2 trillion spending bill, which she referred to as “a Chuck Schumer, Democrat-controlled bill coming from the ‘Republican-controlled’ House.”

Speaker Mike Johnson led negotiations this week to avoid a government shutdown, and managed to secure policy changes including a ban on funding for UN relief programs benefiting Palestinian refugees in effect for the next year and resources to pay for 8,000 more detention beds for illegal migrants awaiting deportation.

“The Homeland (Security) piece was the most difficult to negotiate because the two parties have a wide chasm between them,” Johnson said at press conference this week.

“I think the final product is something that we were able to achieve a lot of key provisions in, and wins, and it moved in a direction that we want even with our tiny, historically small majority.”

The bill passed with the help of fewer than half of the House’s Republican majority with a 286-134 vote. Green announced to reporters that she had filed a motion to vacate the speaker because he “betrayed our conference and broken our rules.”

“This is basically a warning, and it’s time for us to go through the process, take our time, and find a new Speaker of the House that will stand with Republicans and our Republican majority instead of standing with the Democrats,” she commented.

Greene claimed that she had “support on this from others in my conference,” though noted that many of them “probably won’t go public.” So far, GOP lawmakers have only had criticism of the move.

“It’s not only idiotic, but it actually does not do anything to advance the conservative movement. And in fact, it undermines the country, and our majority,” Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY) commented.

“This isn’t good for the party,” Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.) said in response. “When I go home, people are tuning out what’s going on in the House because of the lack of progress, the chaos that’s happening. And I’d like us to get together and work together.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said that he wouldn’t question Green’s decision, he is “just not ready to support a motion to vacate.”


  1. The Republican leadership is in shambles! I don’t see any leadership with the current speaker! Every time the democrats put forward something he immediately caves and votes what they propose! What ever happened to an alternative to the democrat budget? And don’t tell me that they didn’t have time because that is bulls—t! Either that or laziness! I don’t believe she is wrong to call for the speaker’s removal!

    • Mike Johnson is another Kevin McCarthy or Paul Ryan or John Boehner. There was never a bad bill they would not cave on. Johnson is beyond a disappointment.
      Good Christians would not do this to their constituents. Johnson has not done a single thing for we the people since he got the chair. Green is correct. Boot him and choose a Speaker that is NOT a stinking politician. The Speaker does not have to come out of Congress at all. We need fighters not “girly men”.

    • The DO-NOTHING-REPUBLICANS has no leadership except Trump. He is gone from the White House but he will be back in November!!!

  2. I do not think she is wrong to call for his removal. I believe he is just another closet RINO. Until we purge every single one of these pseudo republicans the party will continue to be divided and pawns in the Democrat game.

  3. MTG is 100% right!
    Johnson just funded the Leftist Wish List!
    He betrayed Conservatives!
    We need leadership, not a wimpy
    surrender monkey!

  4. Johnson is nothing but a RINO Paul Ryan Jr. I agree with MTG, when will the GOP leadership
    stand firm and deny all the democrats one sided bills ???

  5. What a stupid woman! Anytime this caucus loses, they whine and threaten. Did any of them actually try to make things better? Did they do anything but sit back and wait? The Freedom Caucus needs to get their heads out of the screens and actually do something to help. They need to be primaried. They are destroying our congress and getting the margin slimmer. We voters will remember the tamptrams and the lack of working together. Shame on you. I agree the bill was horrific, but if there is no discussion to make it better, why complain? You get what you vote for.

  6. Johnson is not a Rino. just another weak kneed Republican. Republicans are so afraid of shutting down the government, they make themselves imponent

  7. She has my full support. Johnson is trying to avoid taking a position that might jeopardize maintaining the Republican majority in the House next election. My take is what use is a Republican majority if they fail to vote the positions of the Republican Base? If nothing else, I hope that Johnson realizes his position is in jeopardy unless he takes a stand to support the Republican Base. He may find himself being Primaried himself as we saw in Virginia a few years ago. He is proving himself to be a politician who votes to protect himself rather than the voters he represents and that is the reason I no longer financially support the RNC.

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