Indicted Senator Teases Reelection Bid With Party Swap

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Indicted Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) uploaded then deleted a video suggesting he would run for reelection – but not as a Democrat.

On Thursday afternoon, Senator Bob Menendez posted a nine-minute video announcement to the Menendez For NJ YouTube channel, which was quickly deleted but reuploaded later in the evening.

In it, he announced he would not run for reelection as a Democrat due to the many charges he currently faces.

“Unfortunately the present accusations I am facing, of which I am innocent and will prove so, will not allow me to have that type of dialogue and debate with political opponents that have already made it the cornerstone of their campaign. New Jerseyans deserve better than that,” Menendez said.

He said he would wait for the charges to be cleared this summer, which would allow him to run as an “independent Democrat” in the general election.

Menendez has denied any wrongdoing, but has been charged on 18 counts of bribery and obstruction of justice.

He allegedly accepted cash, gold bars, a luxury car, and more bribes which led to him using his political power to benefit Egypt. His wife also faces related charges.

Despite the serious nature of the allegations, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has refused to ask Menendez to resign.

By launching a reelection campaign, regardless of party, Menendez can continue to raise money which he can use to pay his legal fees. He has already spent over $2.3 million of campaign money toward his defense.

Some of his colleagues say it’s foolish for Menendez to pursue his seat.

Representative Andy Kim, a fellow Democrat, said, “There is no way that he can win this seat. But what he could do is jeopardize this seat and give Republicans a chance.”

New Jersey’s first lady Tammy Murphy also called for Menendez to resign, saying he “does not have the moral authority right now to represent the people in New Jersey.”


  1. Tired of hearing about this arrogant POS. Quit dragging your feet !!!!! Charge him, try him and lock his sorry ass up. Same thing goes for his disgusting wife. To top it off take away all financial amenities that came with the office.

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