California Councilman Resigns After Publicly Peeing On Gay Bar

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A California councilman handed in his resignation after being caught on tape while urinating on the door of a gay bar.

The manager of Precinct bar had no idea that the man caught on camera while peeing on the bar’s door was Chris Kilpatrick of the Crescenta Valley Town Council, when he posted the video on the establishment’s Instagram page to call out the bad behavior.

Jeremy Lucido told KABC-TV that it wasn’t until commenters identified him that he realized one of the two inebriated men he confronted on March 9 was a lawmaker.

He was walking to his car after a shift when he noticed two drunk men holding full cocktails with the bar’s logo on the glass loitering on the sidewalk. When he confronted them, Kilpatrick pushed him to the ground.

It wasn’t until he reviewed bar footage that Lucido saw that in addition to stumbling outside with their drinks, both Kilpatrick and his companion took a leak on the staff entrance of the bar, rather than using one of the many bathrooms inside.

“Last Saturday night, these two party boys decided to show everyone what not to do at Precinct,” the post, which has gone viral, read. “Precinct is a safe space for all; let’s have a good time. Don’t be a d*ck. Oh, yeah, we also have several bathrooms.”

After he was revealed as the aggressive public urinator, Kilpatrick’s lawyer claimed that the city council member, who was elected to the position in 2021, was afraid of being attacked when he was approached by Lucido.

“My client instinctively pushed back in self defense,” Attorney John Duransaid in a statement. “It was reasonable for him to believe that they were about to possibly be gay-bashed” by the bar employees, who were not in uniform.”

Despite the explanation, the Crescenta Valley Town Council President Harry Leon called for a special meeting to discuss the issue on Thursday, but Kilpatrick tendered his resignation before meeting could take place.

“While we do not condone any of the behavior we observed on social media, we appreciate his 3 years of commitment and dedication to the community while serving on the council,” they said in a statement.


  1. Kilpatrick is a Democrat. Obviously not arrestable for public drunkedness and stupidity. Was not identified as a demonRat. If this were a republican?????????? Hang em high. Identity to party and all ptger kings of rat s**t.

  2. Shame on the committee for their stupid atta boy recognition for the time he spent in office. There was no reason to complememt the dirtball on the heels of his ignorant actions. He disgraced himself and proved to be undeserving of his position. Piling accolades on his failed tenure is right out of the book where everyone gets a trophy.

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