Delusional Biden Melts Down Over Bad Polls

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President Joe Biden reportedly lashed out at allies in a private meeting after hearing his latest terrible poll numbers.

The numbers came from Michigan and Georgia, battleground states that Biden narrowly won in 2020, according to NBC News. They showed his approval rating drop even further over his handling of the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

A lawmaker with knowledge of the meeting said Biden responded by shouting and swearing, defending his actions as morally correct despite the political fallout.

Similar interviews with others close to Biden reveal increasing alarm and frustration within his reelection campaign.

The president believes he isn’t getting the acknowledgement and credit for an economy he considers booming despite record-breaking inflation.

Those surrounding him agree, saying it’s a matter of poor messaging than a lack of accomplishments.

Biden has done so much, they say, but voters don’t know about it.

Andre Dickens, the Democrat mayor of Atlanta, said Biden has made the streets safer through spending bills that allowed the city to give police officers bonuses and put youth programs in place.

Praising those actions is “the job of the mayor and county leaders who have benefited from the Biden administration’s policies,” said Dickens.

Mary Landrieu, former Democrat senator from Louisiana, blamed the White House for not doing enough.

“I think it’s actually a bit of a failure of communication on the part of the White House,” she said.

She said there’s “a real story to tell” about “jobs, prosperity and evolution”.

However, voters crushed by soaring inflation are not receptive to Biden’s messaging.

Food prices have jumped 25% since before the pandemic, which voters no longer accept as an excuse.

“It’s been years now since the pandemic. I’m not buying that anymore,” Wisconsin voter Patti Granger told Fox News. “At first I did, I’m not buying that anymore, because yogurt is still going up in price. I am not buying that anymore.”

Home prices are also a commonly cited frustration, with mortgage rates currently averaging about 6.75%.


  1. My bet is that biden made no such statement. Any pushback on the polls comes only from his handlers as he has no idea who or where he is at any given moment. He knows not whether he is afoot or horseback. His handlers and his wife continue to shore him up. Only a core group of supporters (should they even exist) are his only mainstay.

  2. Re his narrow wins in Georgia and Michigan 2020. They only printed enough bogus ballots to get the job done .

  3. “… Biden has done so much, they say, but voters don’t know about it.”
    I got a good belly-laugh when I read this sentence!
    Joe Biden doesn’t even know he’s President.

    • swearing and screaming at his own people is a telltale sign of dementia, when he wants to demand his way or the highway, when will the sad democrats who follow this ill senile man who is drowning us in debt and in wars we do not want, come to their senses that this man has defiled our government, how can their Hate for one man, push them to vote and to listen to this poor mentally ill senile man , to keep in a very important position, he is uncapable of serving, why did they not chose and replace him with another person who would be better qualified, we as one people can not live under him for another 4 years whether he makes it not we are falling into a abyss with him flaying around with nonsense ideas.

  4. So, “all the people around him” are delusional too and believe the economy is great. Democrats, including their voters, live in a bubble in their head that says they are great and makes them blind to the real world. Meanwhile, we all have to suffer from their flights of fantasy. Vote them all out in 2024!

  5. Some people have finally come to their senses and see what a terrible President he has been. He sure isn’t for the people of the USA.

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