VP Harris Pushes Legal Weed And Abortion In Effort To Shore Up Votes

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During a White House event on Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris said the federal classification of marijuana as “absurd”.

“I’m sure DEA is working as quickly as possible and will continue to do so, and we look forward to the product of their work,” Harris said during cannabis policy discussion.

The DEA is expected to make a decision about the the Department of Health and Human Services’ to move marijuana with lesser designation than its current classification as a Schedule I narcotic.

The federal government currently consider marijuana on par with heroin, LSD, and ecstasy, while cocaine and methamphetamine are considered lesser Schedule II drugs.

The classification as a Schedule I narcotic means that the drugs are highly likely to be abused and have no acceptable medical uses, despite 38 states having legalized cannabis for medical purposes.

According to Politico, the event signals the Biden administration’s ploy to revamp federal marijuana policies prior to the upcoming election, as 70% of Americans are in favor of legalization.

Harris has had a busy two days of tackling campaign related issues. On Thursday, she visited a Minnesota abortion clinic in an effort to remind voters about the administration’s dedication to protecting women’s reproductive rights.

Her visit to St. Paul’s Planned Parenthood facility was considered “historic,” as no other sitting vice president has ever walked through the doors of an abortion clinic.

“Many of you have asked why am I here,” Harris said at the clinic. “And I will tell you that right now, in our country, we are facing a very serious health crisis.”

She was joined by fellow Democrats Gov. Tim Walz and U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, when she bashed the Supreme Court for the 2022 Dobbs decision that overturned federal abortion rights, which Harris said was “a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America, from the women of America.”


  1. Kamalalalala is a pot head. What a cackle headed, brainless person. She wants to get the youth all excited about their dreamed-up right to popping pills and killing babies. She pushes the lifestyle of loose morals just for votes. She is a lost cause.

  2. More liberal vote pandering. So much concern for abortion and legalizing drugs. Zero concern for the chaos and dangers of the immigration (illegal) mess. These people seem to constantly misplace priorities.

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