Trump’s Team Culls RNC Staff On Day Of Takeover

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In a move toward aligning the Republican National Committee (RNC) firmly behind his vision for the party, former President Donald Trump’s newly installed leadership team initiated a restructuring that saw dozens of officials receive pink slips on Monday.

More than 60 staffers from various departments including political, communication, and data divisions were told to pack up on Monday afternoon.

This sizable shake-up will also affect five senior staff members, though their specific names still remain undisclosed. Additionally, certain vendor contracts are on the chopping block as part of the overhaul strategy.

Sean Cairncross, recently appointed as the RNC’s Chief Operating Officer, sent an email to some affected personnel, explaining that both staffers and the entire organization were being evaluated to make sure they align with Trump’s campaign.

The overhaul, which comes days after Trump secured the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, is about reducing what has been described as “bureaucracy” at the RNC.

Sources close to the campaign said the committee was “overly bloated and bureaucratic,” which they have directly connected to the GOP’s cash flow issues.

Trump’s campaign officially took the reins of the RNC yesterday, the weekend after former North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley was voted in as the new RNC Chair and Lara Trump, the former president’s daughter-in-law, as co-chair.

Whatley has taken over for Ronna McDaniel, who left after seven years at the helm of the organization, as her relationship with Trump cooled when he refused to participate in the RNC’s presidential primary debates.

After being elected, Whatley noted that the RNC would “be the vanguard of a movement that will work tirelessly every single day to elect our nominee, Donald J Trump.”

Trump also positioned his campaign adviser Chris LaCivita as the RNC’s new chief of staff.

He gave staffers the heads up that their jobs were on the line when he spoke to reporters on Friday.

“The RNC today. It’s not going to look the same next week. There’s obviously going to be changes,” he remarked.

Certain staffers who have been affected by the purge, which has been described as “an absolute bloodbath,” have been asked to “resign and reapply” for their positions if they wish to continue on at the organization under new management.


  1. Purge RNC
    Rebrand, remarket
    Hire New Blood
    Change policies
    Cut costs
    Cut overhead
    Estd GOP offices nationwide esp Inner cities

  2. Rhonna should have been dismissed along time ago she spends too much money and does very little. Messageing for Republicans is NOT good and they had plenty of fodder to do so also RHINO’S need to go vetting for this party is paramount and not everyone that claims to be a Republican should be accerpted into the ticket. THis paty has lost its identity.

  3. Excellent news all around. I am a Constitutional Conservative not a Republican. As such I refuse to donate anything to the R.N.C. Now that Rona McDaniel is gone and “the turtle” has been neutered funding to new blood Conservatives might get to them instead of the Rino’s favored by McDaniel and McConnell. Trump is a successful business first and a politician second. Cutting wasteful spending on bad staff and services is a business decision that will definitely benefit the R.N.C.

  4. This is standard business practice when a new boss takes over a large organization. This has happened so many time in so many business that it is not really news. Except for the reason that President Trump is doing it. If and when he is reelected, this should be a forewarning to the liberals and democrats. Especially if they are in a position whereby they serve “at the pleasure of the President.”

  5. Great at the RNC. Now get to the real problem in the government agencies. Fire and replace the deep staters with America First, pro America people. Trumps big weakness before was appointing people not loyal to his world view and policies(Haskell, Wray, Scarimucci, sessions, Barr etc etc).

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