Haley Obstinate After Super Tuesday Win

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Nikki Haley’s team issued a statement of defiance despite picking up only a single Super Tuesday win.

UPDATE: Nikki Haley finally suspended her campaign Wednesday morning.

ORIGINAL: Out of the fifteen states that held primaries on Tuesday, it was only Vermont where Haley found success, and not by a large margin.

She won the state, the first of her primary candidacy, by less than five percentage points. Her only other victory thus far has been in the District of Columbia.

Former President Donald Trump swept the other 14 Super Tuesday contests, including the huge prizes of California and Texas.

Haley has virtually no path to the nomination at this point, but she pledged again to remain in the race.

“We’re honored to have received the support of millions of Americans across the country today, including in Vermont where Nikki became the first Republican woman to win two presidential primary contests,” a spokesman for the Haley campaign said.

“Unity is not achieved by simply claiming ‘we’re united’. Today, in state after state, there remains a large block of Republican primary voters who are expressing deep concerns about Donald Trump.”

However, that block is getting smaller. Unlike the first few contests, where Haley won about 40% of the votes, her average share of the votes on Tuesday plummeted under 30% outside of Vermont.

Former White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney spoke to The Hill as polls closed and Trump’s sweep became certain, demanding Haley explain her refusal to drop out.

“Look, the general election started back in January, because as soon as you got out of Iowa, it was pretty clear that Donald Trump was going to be the Republican nominee,” Mulvaney said.

He said if she does not drop out some time on Wednesday, she’s “got some explaining” to do to her supporters about her end goal.

Trump will leave Tuesday’s contests with at least 830 delegates, within striking distance of the 1,215 needed to formally secure the nomination.


  1. With Nikki Haley losing this badly and not dropping out of the race is a clear sign she is not mentally fit or qualified to be the president

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