Trump Ally Softens Stance on Abortion Ahead of Election

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Kari Lake, a Republican in Arizona running for a Senate seat, is notably backing down on her previous hardline anti-abortion stance.

In the past, Lake has declared abortion “the ultimate sin” and said abortion pills like mifepristone should be made illegal.

Now, in an interview with NBC News, she has stepped down her stance and acknowledged that the issue has become difficult for Republicans.

Lake said she believes Arizona’s voters will support a state ballot initiative to enshrine the right to abortion up to viability, which is generally understood to be 16-24 weeks.

“The vast majority of Americans and Arizonans hold the view that abortion should be legal and that late-term abortion should not be legal,” she said, referring to recent polling, “with exceptions for rape, incest and obviously the health of a mother.”

She also said a 15-week limit is “something that Americans can get behind because it gives people options, gives women options, and makes sure that there are carveouts.”

Lake said abortion is an issue “states should be deciding” and one that federal lawmakers have no role in regulating.

While she declined to say if she would vote on legislation that would protect IVF rights nationwide, she did say she hoped “the court will strike that down” of an Alabama ruling that caused fertility clinics to pause treatments in the state.

Focus on Family Planning

Lake said Republicans needs to focus on family policies that will naturally have an impact on reducing abortion instead of making abortion itself the highlight of their platform.

She vowed to work across the aisle on paid family leave, increasing child tax credits, and implementing baby bonuses to promote family planning.

“Congress has spent almost $200 billion in Ukraine and wanted to send another $75 billion recently,” she said. “Instead, we can invest that money into American families through baby bonuses, prenatal care, parental resources and classes and child care.”

She said Congress should incentivize paid family leave for companies and provide “financial support, grant money for prenatal care, and parenting resources and classes.”

“We bail out companies all the time, but we never help families,” Lake said. “We need to help families. And I’m willing to do that if Democrats want to do that.”


  1. The lefties just want to replace Americans with illegal immigrants. Killing babies makes room for more sneak ins. Dead babies, live terrorists, criminals, and illegals.

  2. Abortion has become mostly a vehicle for birth control and it should not be used as such. These days there are a multitude of products to accomplish that purpose that does not involve murdering a viable formed fetus. That of coarse involves responsibility of the individuals involved to be prepared. Women say they want control of their bodies …well they have it by being proactive as to prevention. The ultimate precaution would be to keep your legs closed until until prevention is in place. A large part of this also falls on the men. i.e….You want it …..be responsible ,step up and do not leave it up to the women.

  3. The gop need to get OFF the abortion issue, the gubmint should not be regulating it nor paying for those hideous procedures!

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