NYC Mayor Eric Adams Wants To Change Sanctuary City Law After Crime Wave

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Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams is ready to make changes to the city’s “sanctuary” policies after a migrant crime wave.

At a town hall meeting on Monday, Adams called for an overhaul to the sanctuary policy New York City adopted in 1989, which prevents it from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

The policy was expanded in 2014 to ban the city from releasing migrants into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

After a spate of crimes by migrants, including the shooting of a tourist during a retail theft in Times Square, the brutal beat down of police officers, and violent Venezuelan phone theft ring; the politician is ready to “modify” the law for the safety of residents.

At the meeting, Adams called out the Biden administration for refusing to allow the massive influx of migrants who have flooded NYC to get jobs.

“The overwhelming amount of migrants that are here, they want to work. I still don’t understand why the federal government’s not allowing them to work,” the Mayor remarked.

“They need to have the right to work like all of us that have come to this country had the ability to do so.”

Adams turned his attention to the migrant criminals who have been terrorizing residents.

“But those small numbers that are committing crimes, we need to modify the sanctuary city law that if you commit a felony, a violent act, we should be able to turn you over to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and have you deported,” he added.

“It is a right to live in this city, and you should not be committing crimes in our city,” Adams concluded to applause. “Right now, we don’t have the authority to do so.”

He also explained to his constituents how his hands were tied by NYC’s sanctuary city status.

“People tell me all the time, they see me on the street and they say, ‘Well, Eric, why don’t you stop the buses from coming in?’ It’s against the law, I can’t,” Adams commented.

He had the same response for why migrants are not allowed to work, why the city was required to house them, and why they’re not allowed to deport migrant criminals.

“It’s against the law, I can’t,” Adams said on repeat.

Though he did tout how his city has taken care of migrants better than any other sanctuary city across the country.

“You don’t see tent cities in New York. You don’t see children and families sleeping on the street in New York. This team here has managed the crisis each time they come,” the mayor noted.

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