Biden’s Pet Dog Brutalized Agents in Over 24 Incidents

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New documents reveal the extent of injuries caused to Secret Service agents by President Joe Biden’s poorly trained German Shepherd.

However, the incidents in the documents pertain only to Secret Service members, so the true damage done by the dog, named Commander, is not fully known at this time.

At least 24 documented biting incidents took place between October 2022 and July 2023, with agents being bitten on their wrists, forearms, elbows, waist, chests, thighs, and shoulders.

A senior agent noted that the repeated bites caused the Secret Service to change how it interacted with the animal, advising agents to “give lots of room” to the dog when it was around.

Commander was eventually removed from the White House due to the repeated attacks on agents and staff in the White House, Camp David, and Biden’s Delaware residence.

His permanent removal came after a particularly severe bite that required medical treatment to a Secret Service agent, but it’s now revealed that was not Commander’s only severe bite.

The documents show that in June of 2023, an agent took a “deep bite” to the forearm which required stitches. The incident caused tours of the East Wing to be suspended for about 20 minutes as the agent’s blood was cleaned off the floor.

In July, a different agent required six stitches after a bite to their hand caused a “severe deep open wound” and the agent “started to lose a significant amount of blood”.

That agent received a “care package” from colleagues which reportedly included pepper spray, a muzzle, and dog biscuits.

The Biden family issued a statement claiming they had tried to train Commander but ultimately gave up and sent the dog to live with relatives.

The family owned a second dog, Major, who was also sent away after injuring a Secret Service agent in 2021.

German Shepherds are a notoriously protective and intelligent breed that can become destructive with boredom.


  1. When 2 dogs demonstrate serious behavior issues in so short a time , while owned by the same adult(-s), it’s pretty safe to say it’s the PEOPLE, not the dogs, who are the real problem! Maybe they should keep the dogs and get ri rd of the responsible people?

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