Trump Issues Four Fresh Endorsements for Super Tuesday Elections

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Former President Donald Trump rolled out four endorsements for candidates whose elections fall on Super Tuesday.

The candidates are all running in Texas as challengers to Republican lawmakers who voted oust state Attorney General Ken Paxton last year.

Trump defended Paxton throughout the process and derided his Republican detractors as RINOs, or “Republicans In Name Only”.

Paxton was accused of abusing his power to benefit his friends and political donors, and the Texas House did initially vote to impeach him.

But the state Senate ultimately voted to acquit him and he returned to his office after being suspended for months.

The case garnered attention from Republican officials across the country as many viewed the process as a thinly-veiled attempt by moderate conservatives to depose Paxton despite his support from voters in the state.

Trump’s Picks

The four state House candidates Trump endorsed are Liz Case, Mike Olcott, Helen Kerwin and Alan Schoolcraft. All four candidates are also endorsed by Paxton himself as well as Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Trump made the endorsements one by one on Truth Social, saying that Price “will Champion School Choice, Secure our Elections, Lower your Taxes, Defend our Second Amendment, Advocate for Border Security, and Fight Back against the Woke Mob destroying our Country”.

She is challenging state Rep. Stan Lambert (R) in Texas House District 71.

Of Olcott, who is challenging state Rep. Glenn Rogers (R) in Texas House District 60, Trump said he’d also support school choice and “Protect and Defend our Second Amendment, which is under siege by the Radical Left”.

Helen Kerwin, who is the challenger to state Rep. DeWayne Burns (R) in the 58th District, has a daughter who previously served in the Trump administration.

Trump blasted Burns for having “one of the most liberal voting records of any Republican” in his endorsement of Kerwin, who he said “is an America First Conservative, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

His endorsement of Schoolcraft touched on similar points.

Texas will hold its primary on March 5th, also known as Super Tuesday, along with a slew of other states.

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