Biden’s Brief Visit To East Palestine Blasted By Furious Residents

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President Joe Biden finally visited East Palestine, Ohio, over a year after the derailment of a freight train laden with hazardous substances rocked the rural community.

Biden was greeted by a small crowd of protestors, many wearing buttons and waving flags in support of former President Donald Trump, who will likely be the Republican nominee for president once again.

“I’ve talked to some people in the town and people have reached out to me and I’ve said the slogan is, ‘it’s too little, too late,’” Resident Michael Young said about Biden’s visit.

“It took a year for you to come here, and it’s amazing that now you’re coming here just around election time.”

Another resident, Angela Ware, also said that the Biden should have arrived much sooner.

“He’s only coming because it’s election season,” she remarked. “He don’t care. Be should’ve came a year [ago], like he was supposed to.”

The sentiment was evident when the President’s motorcade encountered banners with messages like ‘Too Little, Too Late” and shouts of vulgarities.

Short and Bittersweet

Biden’s stay in the village was brief, lasting just 77 minutes before he departed for a weekend at his Delaware beach residence.

He toured the disaster zone and pledged that federal support would continue as needed.

Biden took time to direct criticism at Norfolk Southern, the company that operated the derailed train. He labeled the incident a consequence of neglect that could have been circumvented.

“What matters is we’re all Americans, everyone, everyone, we look out for one another,” the President stated during his seven minute speech. “We leave no-one behind.”

Amidst criticisms over the timing of the visit, the White House maintained its stance, with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisting the president’s timing was a calculated decision.

“The president has always said when the time is right and when it made sense for him to go, he would go,” she commented “And so, that’s what he’s doing.”

Biden took a trip to Ukraine on February 20th instead of addressing the situation in his own country.

His delayed visit to the hard-hit community is in stark contrast to former President Trump’s speedy response.

On February 22, 2023, days before Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s visit, Trump brought pallets of supplies to the town.


  1. Seriously, the fake prezidint can’t even change his own diaper, what did E Palestine residents expect from the halfwit in chief?

    • Shame on you for talking bad about that senile old man that’s living in the white house. If it were not for those handlers pulling his strings the poor old man couldn’t say or do anything. It’s those behind the scenes that we have to worry about, they have the real power, and we as a country better hope we can purge all the left wing democrats from our government this election cycle, if we want to protect this nation as a constitutional republic. Otherwise they will install their version of a socialist government, with them in total charge of course.

  2. ALL for politics & votes
    Now area will Vote RED all the way Joe
    Your year away U lost Votes by NOT being there sooner

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