Democrat Senator Throws Tantrum on Train

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Chris Coons and his wife at Biden's inauguration

Democrat Senator Chris Coons threatened a far-left journalist after he was approached on an Amtrak train.

Coons was reportedly riding in the quiet car of an Amtrak train on Monday when Grayzone reporter Aaron Mate demanded to know why the senator hadn’t called for a “cease-fire in Gaza”.

Grazyzone is a far-left political blog founded by Max Blumenthal known for “sympathetic coverage of authoritarian regimes”.

Coons, looking confused, asked the reporter, “Who are you?”

“This is a quiet car and you’re not supposed to be talking to me,” he said.

Mate, who filmed the interaction, told the senator he was a reporter before asserting, “Children are dying. US weapons are killing kids in Gaza.”

Coons looks around as though seeking help from other passengers, though no one steps up to assist him.

“Please stop. Please stop. Aaron, you are bothering me and everyone else around you,” he says as he flags down an Amtrak employee.

“Sir, can I please have some help here? He’s bothering me while I’m trying to work;”

Still, no one comes to Coons aid as he is questioned further, so he finally answers the reporter.

“I’m not going to call for a cease-fire. I strongly support humanitarian pauses. I’ve urged the Israeli government to target their campaign against Hamas,” Coons tells Mate.

“Aaron, please stop or I’m gonna have you thrown off this train,” the senator tells Mate after he continues to push him on his resistance to explicitly calling for a cease-fire.

“I’m a senator, this is a quiet car. You’re breaking the basic rules of how we operate on Amtrak, please stop,” Coons reiterates.

He finally gets up and flees the car about three minutes after the interaction begins.

Mate claimed in his X post that he was “removed from the train” at the next stop.

Amtrak has not commented on the incident.


  1. This is a very misleading headline. I don’t see where Sen. Coons threw a tantrum. You can do better with the reporting.

  2. I don’t see the headline “Democrat Senator Throws Tantrum on Train”. He politely asked the jerk “reporter” three times to PLEASE stop bothering him and the disrespectful a..hole continued to badger him. He should have gotten up and decked the SOB, but then, he’d have been crucified by the snowflake. Since that’s beneath the dignity of an elected Senator, he removed himself from the scene and requested the offending POS be removed. While I don’t like Coons or his politics, under the circumstances I applaud his restraint.

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